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Henry Phinazee Averett University Instruction via Media (ED 509) Instructor: Dr. Jane Quenneville February 15, 2008

2 Second Semester Imperialism to WWI
Unit 7 VUS.9a-b US History 06-07

3 Imperialism The policy and practice of forming and maintaining an empire in seeking to control raw materials and world markets by conquest of other countries and/or establishing colonies.

4 American Imperialism Many 20th century American foreign policy issues have their origins in America’s emergence as a world power at the end of the 19th century. America’s intervention in WW I ensured her role as a world power for the rest of the century.

5 American Imperialism The growing role of the US in international trade displayed the American urge to build, innovate, and explore new markets. Growth of international trade occurred from the late 1800s until WW I. The first era of a true “GLOBAL ECONOMY” Expansionism.asx

6 Creation of International Markets
Open Door Policy Secretary of State John Hay proposed a policy that would give all nations equal access and trading rights with China He did not want any one country to take over China

7 John Hay Secretary Of State

8 Gunboat Diplomacy (Big Stick Theory)
Teddy Roosevelt’s philosophy of dealing with the world. “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.” Used the Navy to show our strength.

9 Dollar Diplomacy President Taft urged American banks and businesses to invest in Latin America He promised the US government would step in if unrest threatened the investment

10 Moral Diplomacy Woodrow Wilson’s view.
The US would look at the morality of every situation and decide on our actions accordingly.

11 Dealings with Latin America
Spanish American War Puerto Rico was annexed by the US The US asserted the right to intervene in Cuban affairs We acquired the Philippines and Guam


13 Panama Canal US “encouraged” Panama’s independence from Colombia
We negotiated a treaty with France, Colombia, and Panama to build the canal

14 Panama Canal during construction

15 Asia and the Pacific Hawaii US businessmen will overthrow the Queen
Political leaders asked to be annexed by the US

16 Philippines Open Door Policy
annexed after the Spanish-American War Open Door Policy Urged all foreigners to obey Chinese law Observe fair trade competition

17 World War I / The Great War
Causes of the Great War Nationalism Arms race (militarism) Imperialism Entangling Alliances causes of WWI Slide 19.asx

18 Events in Europe War in Europe begins in 1914
A Serbian nationalist will assassinate the Archduke of Austria-Hungary. Serbia has a treaty with Russia, Austria-Hungary has a treaty with Germany, Russia has a treaty with France etc. etc. etc


20 The Domino Effect A little regional problem becomes a big mess
The US will remain neutral and most Americans wanted to stay out of European affairs


22 From Isolationism to Belligerency
Wilson will keep the US out of WWI for three years The US will declare war in 1917 because of German submarine strategy and our long standing ties to Great Britain



25 Woodrow Wilson’s Policy/Stance
Wilson said we were going to war “ to make the world safe for democracy” and to protect the principle of freedom of the seas. Why We Entered WWI Lusitania and Zimmermann Slide 28.asx

26 The US will join the Allies
The Players Allied Powers Great Britain France Russia Serbia Italy Central Powers Germany Austria-Hungary Ottoman Empire (Turkey) Bulgaria The US will join the Allies

27 WWI the Early Years The war has become a stalemate.
Russia will drop out and America will enter just as Germany is making one last attempt to break through. America’s military resources of men and materials will tip the balance in favor of the Allies.


29 World War Technological Advances
Causalities of war Trenches/Barbed Wire Machine Guns No Man’s Land New Cannons Poison Gas/Chemical Weapons Tanks Fame Throwers Balloons/Airplanes Trench Warfare.asx

30 World War II Ends Germany will ask for an armistice (cease fire) It will go into effect on November 11th, 1918 (11-11 at 11:00am) The war is over, now for the peace treaty

31 Fourteen Points To guarantee no other wars like this one, President Wilson will create a peace plan named the Fourteen Points. He will take his plan to the peace conference in Paris He hoped to eliminate the causes of war

32 Wilson had several key points
Self determination for all groups Freedom of the seas for all nations A Mandate system for all former colonies of Germany A League of Nations

33 Self-Determination Self determination-the idea that all ethnic groups should decide which country they belonged in Idea accepted at the Peace Conference Leads to new nations being created after World War I (Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia)

34 The European Mandates Mandate system set up former colonies on a “learn to be a nation” program with a sponsor nation showing them how (Palestine, India and several others)

35 League of Nations The League of Nations was an international forum or peacekeeping organization set up to settle disputes before they caused a war

36 Treaty of Versailles (ver sigh)
Wilson’s ideas were only partially successful Great Britain and France wanted to punish Germany National Boundaries across Europe will be redrawn A League of Nations will be created

37 The Impact of the War on Germany
Germany forced to pay huge reparations payments. (Billions of dollars) Germany stripped of its colonies, army and navy, and many of its factories Reparations – payment for damages caused by the war.



40 Ratification of the Treaty of Versailles in the US
Many Americans objected to the Treaty because it contained the League of Nations. We very much wanted to return to isolationism. They did not want to have our foreign policy dependent on an outside international organization.

41 President Wilson’s Legacy
After months of debates and a speaking tour of the US by Wilson, the Senate will vote against the treaty three times (this kills it). Wilson has a stroke during the tour and will become ineffective and stubborn The US will sign a separate agreement with Germany declaring the War over in the 1920s

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