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o The Radio was invented in 1901 and paved the way for all communications in the 20 th century. o The EKG was invented in 1903 and is still used today.

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2 o The Radio was invented in 1901 and paved the way for all communications in the 20 th century. o The EKG was invented in 1903 and is still used today by doctors everywhere. It allows them to monitor many internal functions of patients. o Everyone knows the classic tick-tick of a Geiger counter, but not many people know its been detecting our radiation since 1908. o The Wright bros have redesigned transportation since their first flight in 1905, with aerodynamics experience with their bicycle company. o Paul Ehrlich was a polish doctor who accidentally created a cure to syphilis.

3 In 1912 Jacques E. Brandenberger developed cellophane. Paranoid mothers have worried about suffocation ever since. In 1916 Albert Einstein developed the theory of relativity. Chlorine is a powerful oxidant and was used in WWI to kill the opposing side. The Titanic was dubbed unsinkable, but struck an iceberg and sunk on its first trip. 1522 people died. The zipper was invented in 1892, under the name of clasp locker. the Zipper, was invented in 1930

4 o Even though the automobile had been invented way before, there were many new advances in automotive technology in the 20s, such as safety windshields, automatic transmission, and power steering. o Steamboat Willy was the origin of Disney as we know it, and the charismatic Mickey Mouse figure was created. o Charles Lindbergh flew across the Atlantic ocean in 1927, and showed passenger airlines that it could be done, allowing for trans-Atlantic passenger flights. o Television has been around a long time, but I bet you didnt know that color TV has been around since 1928. o 1929 presented penicillin, one of the most famous antibiotics in the world.

5 The lobotomy is a process in which part of the frontal lobe is removed, it makes crazy people a little bit more calm Nylon has been around since 1935, and has been making awesome tents, military supplies, stockings, and ropes ever since Amelia Earhart started her flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1932. Sources on the website said that as a child she was very un- femenine The Empire State building was started in March of 1930, and took 13 months to build Fiberglass was invented by the Egyptians, but wasnt sold commercially until 1935. Fiberglass is stiffer than regular glass and is used for things like house windows and car windshields

6 This year marks the 63 rd year that ENIAC launched the world into computer age. Velcro made its first break when it was first used in the aerospace industry to help astronauts to maneuver in and out of space suits. Modern day napalm uses no napalm at all. Instead, polystyrene, gasoline and benzene are used. The atomic bomb has long since been invented, but people are still in awe at its pure destructive power. Chuck Yeager was the first man to fly supersonic. Its surprising how long ago the sound barrier was broken

7 The credit card has been around a while, and American idiots have been spending too much ever since. Drive in theaters got big in the 50s, the number of drive-ins pentupled in ten years. The Cold War may have been just an arms race, but it spawned some awesome movies, like Dr. Strangelove and the whole James Bond series. Polio is a disease that attacks the nervous system and causes paralysis. It mainly affects children. The first space shuttle was launched in 1957, only as an earth orbiter. This also contributed to Cold War tension, with the US and Russia also in the space race.

8 The laser was invented in 1960, but had little to no practical use yet. It was used later for many things, including reading optical discs. Kevlar has been making a variety of helpful products such as fire proof mattresses, bullet proof vests, and thermal gloves to protect people. The purpose of the Apollo 11 mission was to land men on the lunar surface and to return them safely to Earth. The first geothermal electricity plants in the United States were operated in 1960 at The Geysers in Sonoma County, California. They produced 11 megawatts (MW) of net power and operated successfully for more than 30 years. The Magnavox Odyssey is the first home video game console, predating the Atari PONG home consoles by three years.

9 Before internet working began, therefore, email could only be used to send messages to various users of the same computer. Once computers began to talk to each other over networks, however, the problem became a little more complex - We needed to be able to put a message in an envelope and address it. This highly innovative calculator claims several firsts: The first pocket-sized calculator, The first calculator to use an LED display, The first hand-held calculator to use a "calculator on a chip" integrated circuit, Since the calculator was so expensive, a wrist strap was supplied as an aid against being accidentally dropped. Smallpox has a kill percentage of 30%, and many lives were saved with the vaccine. The Walkman Is the classic geek gadget, worn around the elastic rim of a runners tight pants. How lame. However, it paved the road for the mp3 player MRI or magnetic resonance imaging allows doctors to look at peoples insides. This allows them to monitor things like brain function.

10 The challenger space shuttle mission was only a minute into progression when it exploded When Mount St. Helens exploded, it killed nearly 15 million fish, 50 people, and altered more than 200 square miles of land The Jarvik artificial heart has saved millions of lives since its development in 1982. Microsoft windows has been out a while, has had near hundreds of different versions and service packs for all of their operating systems. Also, windows 7 is coming out Christmastime 2009 Macs have been the user-friendly counterpart to windows since 1984, and they have been annoying me ever since.

11 GPS has been getting hikers out of pickles ever since its invention in 1993. Originally it was designed for military use, but civilian editions were soon created The internet has been active since 1989, but there werent any wep pages or browsers until later when it became more popular Napster was created in 1999, by a bunch of college drop-outs. It is the equivalent of todays Limewire The construction of the international space station was started in 1998, and was put together piece-by-piece in space Stem cells have saved many lives by re-creating organs and helping people after chemo-therapy, but there is a lot of debate over it

12 The End.

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