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A WebQuest for 10th Grade (English 2 CP) Designed by Ms. D and Dr. T.

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1 A WebQuest for 10th Grade (English 2 CP) Designed by Ms. D and Dr. T

2 Introduction Task Process Evaluation Conclusion

3 You will be researching a theme of the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller. The idea of reputation is an interesting concept which is used by Miller in a variety of ways. Certain characters in the play such as the judges and elders in the town have a good reputation while others such as the minister ironically have a bad reputation. Many characters had strong values and lived moral lives yet were considered to have broken rules and therefore were considered outcasts and this affected their reputation. For some the fact that their reputation was questionable led to their death. The concept of reputation is one that is often misunderstood and therefore less powerful and moving although it should greatly affect the reader or audience member. The reader should be able to feel empathy for the character whose reputation has been tarnished. You will be researching modern day examples of reputation and sharing situations where someone lost their reputation. You will be sharing the information with the other research teams to help show how the loss of reputation in a real life situation is devastating.

4 What would it mean to have a good reputation in the Puritan society? Who had the most power in Salem? How were individuals viewed when they did not follow the strict guidelines of the society?

5 Over the next week you are going to be part of a research team to explore the background information of Arthur Millers play The Crucible. The research groups will be exploring different aspects and themes of the play as well as discovering the historical connections of this play. As a research team you will design and produce an audio podcast to present your findings to the other research teams.

6 First you will be assigned to a team of researchers. You will each complete your own research worksheet using a variety of sources. As a team, you will complete the graphic organizer to organize the ideas. As a team, you will create a script of a podcast. Each team member should have equal participation. As a team you will record and produce your audio podcast.

7 First you will be assigned to a team of researchers.

8 You will each complete your own worksheet using a variety of sources. You will each turn in your own research questions.

9 What is reputation? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What does it mean for someone to have a good reputation? Why? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What does it mean for someone to have a bad reputation? Why? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Is self-discipline related to reputation? Why or why not? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What do people do to build up their reputations? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How does your reputation affect your chance of success? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How do your actions and your choices affect you reputation? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Once someone builds up their reputation, what do they have? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ How important was a good reputation in Salems society? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

10 What reactions do people have when their reputation is ruined by someone else? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What does it mean to be guilty by association? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Give examples of how your reputation could be tarnished. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ What is defamation? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Give examples of people who fear that the sins of their friends might damage their name. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ To what extent are people willing to go to when they are afraid that they will be considered guilty? Give examples. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Discuss times when someone refused to speak to protect their reputation. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

11 Use examples from history and current events to explain the above. Tiger Woods Mark McGwire Bernard Madoff downfall_N.htm Richard Nixon (Alger Hiss and Vice Presidency / Watergate) playlist.htm#video-24917 http://modern-us-

12 Be sure to report to class ready to use your research to help your team complete a graphic organizer, create a script and produce an audio podcast!

13 Category100857565 Introduction Clever opening comments hook the listener. The introduction provides relevant information and purpose. Provides information and engages the audience. Somewhat engaging and provides an unclear purpose. Does not include and introduction that engages the listener, or the opening comments are irrelevant. Content Covers topic in-depth with details and examples. Subject knowledge is excellent. Is focused. Includes essential knowledge about the topic. Subject knowledge appears to be good. Stays on topic. Includes essential information about the topic, but there are one or two factual errors. Strays from the topic. Content is minimal or there are several factual errors. Does not stay on topic. Delivery Well rehearsed, smooth delivery in a conversational style. Rehearsed, smooth delivery. Appears unrehearsed with uneven delivery. Delivery is choppy or hesitant. Technical Production Transitions are smooth, and the podcast length keeps the audience engaged. Transitions are appropriate, and the length keeps the audience listening. Transitions are uneven, and the length is either too long or too short. Transitions are abrupt and difficult to listen to. The length is either too long or too short. Teamwork All team members contributed equally and contributed positively to the process. All team members contributed, and the process was completed without too many distractions. Some team members completed their role, but not everyone worked together as a team. Little team work and the task was not completed to full potential.

14 Item gradedPossible PointsPoints Earned Completed worksheet on research25 Completed graphic organizer of ideas 20 Script- 1 st draft15 Completed script15 Partner Points25 Total Points100

15 You have discovered some interesting facts and details that you had not learned before about the Puritan Age and the community of Salem. We hope that you enjoyed bringing Salem alive for the rest of the research teams. Some thoughts to consider as you read: Have other situations like the Salem witch trials occurred throughout history? Can you imagine a witch trial like this in todays world? Have witch trials ever occurred in your own life? How do morals influence who you are? How would you react if you were put in a similar situation?

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