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2009 HBR Safety Excellence Awards Best Practices.

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1 2009 HBR Safety Excellence Awards Best Practices

2 2 Safety Training has been the single most important element of the safety program critical to our safety performance and success of our program. As a company everyone from the CEO down through the organization completes Computer Based Safety Training (CBST) modules as part of the personal achievement goals for the year. The modules address both regulatory compliance issues and safe practices off the job. Computer Based Safety Training

3 3 The CBST Training has resulted in a number of positive comments regarding raising awareness of the subject material. We have had 2 unsolicited testimonials that information retained from the CBST Program was life saving in off-the-job situations. By applying the principles of hazard recognition and accident prevention that are imbedded in the CBST materials our employees can apply their lessons learned to both the working environment and their at-home situations. Reductions of work- related injuries and illnesses leads to a happier home life while applying those same principles at home can lead to a more productive employee at work.

4 4 Computer Based Safety Training The CBST training program consist of 3 different Cycles, 31 Subject Modules and 3 Groups Cycles are groups of modules starting from Cycle 1 thru 3. Cycle 1 was initiated in 2003. Groups are assigned depending on the employees level of exposure: Group 1 = Personnel who may be exposed to plant/facility/project operations where they are temporarily visiting /working or assigned as a part of a project Group 2 = All employees not included in Group 1 Group 3 = Emergency Response Team Members Management and Supervisors can access and track training by: Employee Office US/LAC Region

5 5 Cycle 3A CBT US/LAC HSE Strategic Plan 2003 – 2011 Tom Hix, HSE Cycle 2A CBT Cycle 2 CBT Cycle 1A CBT Cycle 1 CBT Cycle 3 CBT Cycle 4 CBT ASA Cycle 4A CBT MS 10 STS MS 30 July 1, 2003 July 1, 2004 July 1, 2005 July 1, 2006 July 1, 2007 July 1, 2008 July 1, 2009 July 1, 2010 July 1, 2011

6 6 Computer Based Safety Training

7 7 Certificate of Course Mastery For completion of OSHA compliance training course through demonstration and understanding of course material for the creation of a safe workplace STOECK, MICHAEL COREY (06536) Is hereby recognized by the USA Region HOUSTON - SOUTHWEST OPS Group SAFETY MANAGERS OFFICERS Department SAFETY MANAGEMENT Division On this day Tuesday, September 2 2008 For demonstrating a thorough understanding and the ability to apply the principles of Cycle 1 - Confined Space Entry (Web) COMPLETION OF THIS ON-LINE COURSE EQUATES TO 1 HOUR OF TRAINING

8 Computer Based Safety Training 8 Questions?

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