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The Business of Modularity The Modern Way to Bring ERP Solutions to Market March, 2010.

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1 The Business of Modularity The Modern Way to Bring ERP Solutions to Market March, 2010

2 Page 2LGL-MOD-The_Business_of _Modularity-1209-JMI The Central Repository What is Modularity Modules can be accessed on-line from the Central Repository -The Module Management functionality is used to access the list of available modules The Central Repository infrastructure implements the Openbravo Ecosystem strategy -Free Open Source modules can be implemented on any edition -Commercial modules can only be implemented on an active Professional Subscription after the price has been paid Module updates are also available through the Module Management window Module Management windowDescription

3 Page 3LGL-MOD-The_Business_of _Modularity-1209-JMI Business of Modularity Overview Openbravo Infrastructure Openbravo Exchange / Commercial Considerations Q&A Agenda

4 Page 4LGL-MOD-The_Business_of _Modularity-1209-JMI The Exchange What is Modularity Production grade modules are listed in the Openbravo Exchange -Certain acceptance criteria must be met to be a listed -See self-certification criteria later on Includes some free and all commercial modules -Identifies free modules -Identifies commercial modules bundled with the Professional Subscription at no additional cost -Identifies commercial modules sold at additional cost A dedicated detailed page is available for most commercial modules -Can be used to present the benefits of the prodct exchange.openbravo.comDescription

5 Page 5LGL-MOD-The_Business_of _Modularity-1209-JMI Public Free Private Publication of Extension Modules Public Commercial DetailsDescription Any module published under any free open source license in the Central Repository A module not published for distribution A commercial module published in the Central Repository Can be deployed on any Openbravo edition -Community or Professional Openbravo can decide to list them in the Exchange Modules developed by partners who dont want to share them -Eg. Exclusive client functionality Are listed on the Exchange Can only be deployed on a Professional Edition Must follow certain rules to reduce operational complexity and ensure consistency for end- customers Must follow certain self-certification guidelines Public A module publicly available, intended for wide distribution Empowering the Ecosystem

6 Page 6LGL-MOD-The_Business_of _Modularity-1209-JMI Terms for Public Commercial Modules The publisher of a module has the right to –Decide the list price of the module List price will be subject to pricing zones –Chose a pricing model out of the following Perpetual license System-based Annual subscription User-based Annual Subscription based on the number of Global Concurrent Users User-based Annual Subscription based in the number of Concurrent Users for the specific module (not available yet) The publisher cannot –Decide the commission structure –Restrict the distribution to a particular geography or set of customers or partners –Chose a license other than the Openbravo Commercial License See –Get exclusivity for a certain functional area or industry vertical Empowering the Ecosystem

7 Page 7LGL-MOD-The_Business_of _Modularity-1209-JMI Unlocking Commercial Assets for Easy Evaluation / Demo Openbravo provides a unique Golden (Activation) Key for every active Business Partner –Make it easy to evaluate / demo / sell commercial editions & modules –Maintain IP protection over Openbravo and Partner commercial software assets Entitlements granted by the Golden Key –2 Concurrent Users –Access to all Professional Editions –Access to all Commercial Modules in the Central Repository Self-Service Administration –Must be refreshed from the ERP instance every 30 days Refresh attempts by inactive partners will fail –Refresh automatically grants access to all commercial modules Including new ones added since last refresh –Refresh sets the expiration date 30 days into the future –Failure to refresh disables the instance Until all commercial modules are uninstalled (or refresh is done) Empowering the Ecosystem

8 Page 8LGL-MOD-The_Business_of _Modularity-1209-JMI Providing support Support depends on the pricing model selected for the Extension –Perpetual license: No support included –Annual subscriptions (any of the supported models): Annual support contract included Support includes the following benefits (consistent with the Professional Subscription value proposition): -Certified patches -Bug fixing guarantee SLAs shall be equivalent to those offered under ther the Openbravo Professional Subscription (see next slide) -Lifecycle No obligation to provide upgrades to the latest release, but obligation to support the latest MP in a give release -IP indemnification How is support handled? –Issues/bugs follow the Prof.Subs. reporting chain: Client > Business Partner > Openbravo > Seller Client interacts with Busines Partner Business Partner interacts with Openbravo (through Openbravo interacts with Seller (issues are logged in a public issue tracker) –Help or questions happen through Forums in the Forge Empowering the Ecosystem

9 Page 9LGL-MOD-The_Business_of _Modularity-1209-JMI Self Certification pre-requisites – Minimum acceptance criteria Legal requirements –Ensure compliance with Openbravo terms and trademarks Information requirements –Ensure transparency Description of the product and dependencies is available and accurate Product requirements –Ensure usability, consistency with the core, quality and security –Ensure documentation is available –Extension can be installed in the latest MP in a given release Community tools –Module must be registered in the Openbravo Forge –Project tools must be accessible from the Forge Forums, Issue tracker, Documentation See for the detailed list Empowering the Ecosystem

10 Page 10LGL-MOD-The_Business_of _Modularity-1209-JMI Description Register a new public project in the Openbravo Forge Register project in the Central Repository -If commercial, flag it appropriately Develop Extension Module -Following the developer guidelines for modularity -Make sure it meets the self-certification pre-requisites Publish the extension in the Central Repository Contact Openbravo and sign the relevant contracts -Sign Authorized Seller Agreement and Application form (only once per Partner) and Product Application form (for each extension) -All Business Partners in good standing can become Authorized Sellers for free (a 2,000 otherwise) -Contracts and forms are available in the Partner Portal Collect fees periodically -Openbravo acts as a clearing house collecting from clients and paying sellers Provide support according to subscription type -Fix issues reported by clients through Openbravo -Answer questions and provide support trough forums Next steps Empowering the ecosystem 1. Develop 2. Publish 3. Collect & Support

11 Page 11LGL-MOD-The_Business_of _Modularity-1209-JMI Business of Modularity Overview Openbravo Infrastructure Openbravo Exchange / Commercial Considerations Q&A Agenda John Fandl

12 Page 12LGL-MOD-The_Business_of _Modularity-1209-JMI Selenium QA Automation in Openbravo ERP April 8, 2010

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