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New for FY13 Discussion on DQMC and MEPRS Changes

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1 New for FY13 Discussion on DQMC and MEPRS Changes
2012 Navy Medicine Audit Readiness Training Symposium New for FY13 Discussion on DQMC and MEPRS Changes RE-W-3-A

2 Context: Provide FY13 Process and Policy Changes for MEPRS and DQMC Programs.
Purpose: Prepare MEPRS and DQ Managers on actions required to comply with the changes and the relationship to audit readiness. Outcome: Communicate actions and milestones for FY13 database initialization and reporting requirements. FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

3 MEPRS/DQMC: Love it, Hate it, Change it!
Let’s Talk… What do you like? What do hate? What do you need? MEPRS Issue Paper any time FY13 Request for Changes via EKM April May June FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

4 Currently on the Navy Medicine List
DD FM 2569…what are we really trying to collect? Coding Accuracy…what’s better audits or data surveillance? WWR what’s it good for? Navy Specific Topics…POMI…we fixed it June July August FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

5 MEPRS Functional Cost Code Deactivations
FCC Deleted Report in (w/FY13 Description) AAG (Hematology) AAK (Hematology/Oncology) ABH (Pediatric Surgery) Wherever service is provided AGX (Cost Pool) N/A – BUMED approval req’d to activate BAH (Hematology Clinic) BAM (Hematology/Oncology Clinic) BAZ7 (Internal Medicine MHP APV) BAZ5 (Internal Medicine MHP APV) BBH (Proctology Clinic) BBJ (Pediatric Surgery Clinic) BDZ7 (Pediatrics MHP APV) BDZ5 (Pediatrics MHP APV) BFZ (Psych Care Not Elsewhere Clasfd) FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

6 MEPRS Functional Cost Code Deactivations
FCC Deleted Report in (w/FY13 Description) BGZ7 (Family Practice MHP APV) BGZ5 (Family Practice MHP APV) EBB2 (Pastoral Care) EBB (Special Staff) JONS will not change EBB3 (Patient Safety) EBZ (Other Cmnd ,Mgmt, Admin NEC) N/A – BUMED approval req’d to activate FAZ (Special Hlth Pgms NEC) Report Breast Care Education where occurs FAZD (Multiservice Marketing Office) FCG (Support to Non-MEPRS Rep Act) FBZ (Public Health Not Elsewhere Clsfd) FBZD (Vaccine Health Center) FDZ (Dependent Student Travel) FDI (In-place Consecutive Overseas Tour Leave/Student Dependent Travel) FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

7 MEPRS SAG to PE Table FY 13 implementation separate OCONUS SAGs - Old: SAG M9 mapped to both & New: SAG M9 for CONUS to and SAG A9 for OCONUS to Most OCONUS SAGs will be different in FY 13 - MEPRS/EAS SAG to PE Table has significant changes for FY 13 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

8 FY 13 SEECs FY 12 TMA realignment of SEECs to the OMB A-11 Object Classes - Extensive re-mapping of SUEEs to SEECs - New FY 13 Changes include: - Foreign national labor in SEECs (FNDH), (FNIH Spain) and 11.8F (FNIH Japan) - a few tentative changes to military labor SUEE to SEECs - will be posted as soon as final approval is obtained In FY 12, TMA realigned many SEECs, which resulted in significant changes to the SUEE to SEEC table. TMA postponed realignment of civilian labor SEECs to FY 13. FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

9 Criteria for a Work Center
Staff, space, expenses and minimum workload requirements expected to be fully compliant in FY 13. Exceptions will be specifically defined based on overarching reporting requirement FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

10 Medical Home Port and Immunizations Reporting in FY 13
The Public Health Directorate provides immunization program oversight, regardless of place of vaccine administration. Specific guidance forthcoming, implements central immunizations within the Public Health Directorate but adheres to the Patient Centered Medical Home/Medical Home Port Policy. FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

11 Marine Centered Medical Home
Marine Centered Medical Home (MCMH) MTFs provide space, supplies and support Providers are borrowed Navy providers assigned to the Marine Corps Report as MCMH team(s) within the MTF BGZP MCMH Team 1 BGZQ MCMH Team 2 BGZR MCMH Team 3 Proposed structure to be provided to BUMED for approval FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

12 Navy Comprehensive Pain Management Program
NCPMP Pilot program to provide coordinated pain management care, oversight provided by M3/5 Functional integration is recommended – NCPMP is co-located with MHP but operates separately MEPRS code is BBLM Ensure contracts have correct funds cite on the requisitions to get the cost to the correct DMIS ID/work center FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

13 New Suffix for Medical Records Auditors/Coders
Medical Records Auditors/Coders will be reported in suffix M beginning in FY 13 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

14 MEPRS – FCC4 Restructure
All Branch Clinic FCC4 codes will start with “A”. All Commands use “B” through “L”, w/approval. All systems must be re-aligned appropriately. Benefits: Accommodates financial system requirements Improves data comparability across activities. Dramatically increases availability of codes for unique/special programs (“M” through “Z”) FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

15 DMHRSi Time Card Calculations
Shift in metrics, from monthly to pay periods associated with month. Benefits: Metric more closely aligned to current policy. Drives improved behavior in time card management. Improves timely and accurate reporting of manpower data. FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

16 Continue to Leverage Current Products
The Data Quality Share Point Site PETRA/R2DQ The FCC Validation Process The MEWACS Tracker The MEPRS Dashboard FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY

17 Points of Contact Colleen Rees, Randy Van Nostrand, ext. 602 Kate Burchess, ext 104 Bonnie Rehbein, ext. 603 FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY


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