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George W. Bush Years.

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1 George W. Bush Years

2 2000 Election Election between George W. Bush and VP Al Gore
Election was down to 500 votes in FL. Gore demanded a recount. In the case Bush v. Gore the Supreme Court did not allow the recount and awarded the election to Bush.

3 September 11, 2001 Two planes struck the World Trade Center Towers in NYC Another plane hit the Pentagon in D.C. A third plane crashed in a PA field (supposedly on its way to the capitol building) First foreign attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor. Over 3,000 are killed.


5 The Axis of Evil After 9/11, Bush refers to North Korea, Iraq, and Iran as the Axis of Evil because they are known to harbor terrorists.

6 Impact of 9/11 Changes entire focus of the country’s foreign policy.
Leads to President Bush’s declaration of a “war on Terror”

7 Al-Qaeda Al-Qaeda, a terrorist organization led by Osama Bin Laden were believed responsible for the 9/11 attacks. US and coalition forces invaded Afghanistan to break up Bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda network there

8 The Taliban in Afghanistan
Fought the Taliban, the militaristic and radically fundamentalist Islamic government. The Taliban was repressing the rights of the people of Afghanistan, especially women. Battle in Afghanistan has recently been intensifying.

9 War Against Iraq In 2003 Bush expanded the war on terrorism to Iraq.
He feared that Saddam Hussein was supplying terrorists with weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) US and British Forces invaded Iraq, no trace of WMDs were found. US in still involved in the Iraq conflict today, tough President Obama is withdrawing troops in the near future.

10 The Patriot Act Gave the Government power to conduct search and surveillance of suspected terrorists Detain foreigners suspected of terrorists for 7 days without charges Tap all phones used by suspected terrorists, monitor and Internet as well. US banks can investigate sources of your funds if you are a suspected terrorist Prosecute terrorist crimes without any restrictions or limitations

11 No Child Left Behind This is why you have to take an EOC
Federal legislation to increase quality standards in schools. Students must prove they are qualified to pass grades and courses by passing a standardized test.

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