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TEAM PLEDGE WIN THE DAY We promise to:... play with extreme courage, confidence and conviction while taking responsi- bility for our actions and inactions...

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1 TEAM PLEDGE WIN THE DAY We promise to:... play with extreme courage, confidence and conviction while taking responsi- bility for our actions and inactions... on and off the field.... play with great intensity, give everything we have, finish every play and every game with no fear, no excuses and no regrets.... accept and support coaches, staff and team-mates and treat them like family.... always push our teammates and ourselves to be the best in athletics, in academics, and in life, providing positive role models for our university and our community.... respect men and women of all races, creeds, and colors and to be honest with ourselves and others.... earn the trust and respect of our teammates and coaches while enjoying ourselves, being positive and making football fun for everyone. 1

2 Recent Oregon Quarterback Success - Kellen Clemens - Nominated for Davey OBrien Award -Before injury, led Pac-10 in total yds -2 nd round pick to NY Jets in 2006 Akili Smith -1998 Pac-10 All-Conference QB -1998 Pac-10 Co-Offensive Player of the Year. -3 rd overall pick in the 1999 NFL Draft. Jason Fife - has played with Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, Las Vegas Gladiators (Arena), New Orleans Saints, and Washington Redskins - Part of NFC South Champion New Orleans Saints Jason Maas - Signed with Baltimore Ravens in 1999 - Now plays in CFL with Montreal Alouettes - Has also played with Edmonton Eskimos and Hamilton Tiger-Cats Joey Harrington -2001 Pac-10 All Conference QB -Fiesta Bowl MVP -Heisman Trophy Finalist -Davey OBrien Award Finalist -Pac-10 Offensive Player of the Year -3 rd overall pick in the 2002 NFL Draft -Has played for Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons A.J. Feely - Drafted in 2001 by the Eagles - Has also played with Miami Dolphins and San Diego Chargers - Just signed 3 year deal with the Eagles to play through 2010 Tony Graziani -Drafted in 1997 to the Atlanta Falcons -Part of Atlanta Falcons Superbowl team -Played in World, Canadian, and Arena Football Leagues Danny ONeil -1994 Pac-10 All Conference QB -Rose Bowl Co-MVP -Rose Bowl Record Holder (Pass Completions, Pass Attempts, Total Yards) -Deferred from NFL to become a Pastor OTHER NOTABLE OREGON QBS: Dan Fouts (NFL Hall of Fame), Norm Van Brocklin (NFL Hall of Fame), George Shaw (#1 Draft Pick), Chris Miller (NFL Pro Bowler), Norv Turner (Head Coach SD Chargers) -Oregon has more active quarterbacks in the NFL than any other Pac-10 school. -Oregon is the only school in the Pac-10 to have 3 quarterbacks who have accumulated 8,000 yards and 60 touchdowns in their college careers. -Mike Bellotti has coached 2 quarterbacks who have been taken within the first 3 picks of the NFL draft. -Oregon has 2 quarterbacks in the NFL Hall of Fame. (Norm Van Brocklin and Dan Fouts) Dennis Dixon Pac-10 Offensive Player of the Year 1st Team All Pac-10 Davey OBrien Award Finalist Maxwell Award Finalist Walter Camp Player of the Year Finalist 2 time National Player of the Week - 2007 3 time Pac-10 Player of the Week - 2007. Darron Thomas 2011 Season 1 st in Oregon touchdown passes (63) 7 th in Oregon passing yards (5,642) 6 th in Oregon total offense 4 th in PAC-12 Conference passing efficiency 14 th nationally in passing efficiency Finalist for the Davey OBrien Award 2

3 SPREAD / SHOTGUN Advantage Force defense to cover width and depth of field Create more one-on-one situations offering more RAC opportunities See blitz coming or must come from distance Easier to read coverage as spacing makes disguise more difficult QB is separated from LOS so immediate pressure takes longer to get there Depth may allow for better vision Spread may allow for better vision Disadvantage Lose lead back power running game Eyes of QB must be on shotgun snap so he loses ability to read coverage for split second Two open side tackles, no help Defense can always outnumber you so you must have answers for blitz (option, hots, sights) QB must be viable ball carrier Lose downhill lead back play action Lose ability to throw no step quicks 3


5 1. What we look for in a potential quarterback recruit a. Mental characteristics 1. Intelligence / Common Sense / Football Sense 2. Character / Responsible / Work Ethic 3. Coachability 5

6 b. Performance characteristics 1. Winner / Performance in clutch / Desire to excel 2. Vision / Decision making / Reaction to pressure or adversity 3. Repetitive accuracy / Touch 4. Leadership / Confidence / Poise 5. Release (3/4 or Overhead), Throwing motion 6. Toughness (Mental & Physical) 7. Running ability / Elusiveness / Agility 8. Drops / Footwork 6

7 c. Physical characteristics 1. Overall athletic ability 2. Quickness / Acceleration / Change of Direction 3. Size (6' 3") 4. Agility / Foot skills 5. Arm strength / Velocity 6. Speed (4.6) 7. Body strength 7

8 2. Stance (under Center) Stance should be comfortable as high as the center allows Feet are parallel or slightly turned in shoulder-width apart, weight equally distributed on inside balls of feet Knees bent Slight bend at waist Back erect Head and shoulders up Eyes up looking up the field Feet should be about six to eight inches behind and just inside center's feet. Arms should hang down at less than a 45 degree angle to the body with a slight bend in the elbows to allow the QB's hands to ride the center Eyes are up going from clock to keys to hot reads (shell/contour) Exchange a. Position b. Pressure c. Ride 8

9 3. Stance (Shotgun) Stance should be comfortable Feet are parallel or slightly turned in, shoulder-width apart Weight equally distributed on inside balls of feet Knees bent Slight bend at waist Back erect Head and shoulders up Arms extended, hands open giving Center a target Eyes hard focused through Centers legs Toes are at 5, 5½, or 6 yards, depending on play Scan secondary into front Signal center when ready Bring eyes back to hard focus on ball 9

10 4.Pre-practice Routine a. Direct snap with center movement both directions b. Gun snap with center movement both directions 10

11 5. Drop Step / Optional A six inch toe to in-step step inside the QB's stance that allows him to turn his knee, hip, and lower body in the direction he wants to go. Sometimes referred to as a cheat step, it helps him to get his pivot foot out of harm's way whichever way he chooses to go. It also eliminates the possibility of a false step toward the LOS. 11

12 6. Drops a. 1 step – drop step, shift weight, align shoulders (.8 set-up) (1.0 – 1.2 delivery) b. 3 step (1 medium, 1 brake, 1 plant = 3 yd depth) (1.0 -1.2 set-up) (1.5 – 1.8 delivery) c. 5 step (1 medium, 2 long, 1 brake, 1 plant = 7 yd depth) (1.4 -1.6 set-up) (2.0 -2.4 delivery) d. 7 step (1 medium, 2 long, 2 gather, 1 brake, 1 plant = 9 yd depth) (1.8 -2.0 set-up) (2.8 -3.0 delivery) e. Sprint (1 medium, 2 depth, 2 turn, 2 attack = 6 yd depth at tackle) (2.0 -2.2 set-up) (3.0 – 3.4 delivery) f. Screens g. Play Action 12

13 7. Individual Drills a. Warm-up - Arm ISO's, Range of motion, Trunk rotation 1. Jump rope 2. Back pedal 3. Crossover (long and quick) 4. Single and double leg bounds 5. Skiers 6. Line touch 7. Square (both ways) 8. Fingertip pushups / ball pushups 9. Sit-ups/Diagonal crunch 13

14 b. Throwing 1. One knee/other knee 2. Dart (short arm motion) 3. Opposite foot forward 4. Facing sideways 5. Long arm motion 6. Movement 7. Goal post 8. Garbage cans - End Zone - 35 – 45 yards downfield at sideline 9. Net drills - stationary - movement 14

15 8. Individual Drills c. Drop / Ball Carriage / Delivery - Depth drops vs Speed drops 1. Drop on line drills / Cadence Drills (throw or no throw) 2. Drop for depth drills / Vision drills / Low shoulder / Chin to shoulder (throw or no throw) 3. Drop and deliver drills / Shuffle / No shuffle (Throws) 4. Pocket awareness / Peripheral vision 5. Wave drills (Throw / No throw) 6. Slide vs. pressure drills (Throw / No throw) 7. Escape vs. pressure drills (Throw / No throw) 8. Pattern read drills (Throw / No throw) 9. Screen drills (Throw) 10. Net drills (Throw) 11. Goal post (Drop and Throw) 15

16 9.Combination Drills (WRs, RBs, TEs, OL) a. Circle vs. air- RBs / TEs / HBs & QB b. Route vs. air- WRs & QB c. Pattern vs. air- Multiple RECs & QB d. 1 on 1- QB & REC vs. DB / LB e. 3 on 2- OLB / CB / S vs. 2 REC & QB f. Pocket / Protection - OL / QB / RB / Near REC g. Concept- 11 on 11 h. Undercover - LBs & S vs. RBs / IR / QB i. Half Skelly - 2 REC / QB / RB vs. CB / S / 2 LBs j. Skelly - Off w/o Line vs. Def w/o Line k. Team pass- Off v. Def 16

17 10. Specific Exercises (QB) a. Tricep extension (above head) b. Bent arm pullovers (bench) c. Straight arm pullovers (ground) d. Wrist rolls and reverse forearm curls e. Wall pulley machines f. Sit-up with full twist (glute-ham developer / Roman Chair) g. Russian twist (glute-ham developer / Roman Chair) h. Medial shoulder rotation (bench) i. Medicine ball routine 17

18 j. Situations: 1. Normal downs 2. Red Zone 3. Backed up/Coming out 4. Clutch 5. Specials/Shots 6. 4 minute offense 7. Goal line 8. 2 pt plays 9. Short yardage 10. Long yardage 11. 3 rd downs 12. 2 nd & long 13. Blitz 18

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