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State Assessment Quality Control Oklahoma

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1 State Assessment Quality Control Oklahoma
Maridyth McBee, Ph.D. Assistant Superintendent for Accountability and Assessment Oklahoma State Department of Education

2 Three Types of Assessments
Developed for the Majority of Students and aligned to the state curriculum Administered with or without accommodations General Developed for a small population of students with disabilities and for whom the general assessments are inappropriate. The assessments are aligned to the state curriculum Administered with and without accommodations Modified Developed for students with severe cognitive disabilities and aligned to alternate standards. Portfolio

3 Assessments for Grades 3-8
Grade/Subject Math Reading Science Geography Social Studies/U.S. History Writing Grade 3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 Federal and State mandated tests: results used in accountability calculations State mandated tests

4 General Assessments for End-of-Instruction
Algebra I English II Biology I U.S. History Algebra II Geometry English III Federal and State mandated tests: State mandated tests

5 Quality Assurance Component1
Why External Verification? Ensuring testing vendor meets contractual expectations Preventing score reporting and appeals issues Improving state testing services and future testing contracts

6 Quality Assurance Component1
Plan to contract with third party vendor Verification of equating procedures Replication of scoring and reporting Key issue: ensuring quality and producing score reports rapidly

7 Quality Assurance Component1
Assessment vendor conducts psychometric analysis, scoring and reporting Third party vendor replicates and reports findings to state and Test Development Test Execution Results and Reflection

8 Quality Assurance Component2
Assessment and Accountability Office works closely with Third Party Data Office and districts to facilitate accurate data in state system Use state data for test enrollment Use state data for demographic and disaggregation Add data such as teacher of record to allow for use with teacher evaluation

9 Quality Assurance Component3
Hold regional face-to-face and web-based training for district test coordinators Plan to conduct more web-based training and require participants to pass test of procedural content. Daily phone support

10 Quality Assurance Component4
Security audits Desk monitoring On-site monitoring Erasure analysis Plans for online response change analysis

11 Quality Assurance Component4
Follow up to allegations of cheating or misconduct. Plans to classify allegations with suggested options for remedy Job loss Reassign away from testing Reprimand Further training

12 Critical Issues Transparency and Confidence in Results
Fiscal Parameters High Expectations for Vendors Partnership with Districts

13 Further Information Contact the Office of Assessment and Accountability

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