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Understanding Group Travel Organisers – the national picture QA Research November 2009.

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1 Understanding Group Travel Organisers – the national picture QA Research November 2009

2 Background Research objective To enable group marketers to increase their share of the Group Travel Organiser (GTO) market. Building on previous research Previous research in 2006, 2003 and 1997 used a similar approach and questions which enables us to analyse change and continuity in the market. Methodology and sample Paper self-completion questionnaire in the February edition of Group Travel Organiser Magazine and online survey 513 surveys completed and returned providing a statistically robust sample

3 Snap shot of GTO market Worth £142 million Comprises a range of clubs, groups and societies Many organise one or two trips per year but 1% of all GTOs organise 20 or more trips a year, with five of these organising between 100-200 trips a year Mean number of visits organised 12.5, median 3 and mode 1 Members predominately over 55 years old Around 10,000 GTOs Majority travel at shoulder periods outside the school holidays Full detailed report downlaodable from

4 The core GTO market continues to be made up of over 55s. Is the appeal generational or related to chronological age; will younger age bands who are currently not members undertake group travel as they get older? Profile of members Profile of Members

5 Type of trips and spend Proportion of UK trips undertaken and average spend per person...

6 Importance of different types of information sources Websites have dramatically increased in importance (41% rated it as important orvery important compared to 15% giving the same ratings in 2006).

7 Current online usage Although online has seen a sharp increase in usage to source information, traditional marketing approaches (e.g. print) are still used by a larger number of GTOs. Therefore a broad mix of marketing approaches will be required in the foreseeable future to reach this market. Only a third of GTOs (35%) currently frequently use the internet as a resource for planning group travel.

8 Expected future online usage

9 Needs and wants of GTOs GTOs want to organise successful trips which are easy to fill, run smoothly and where members have a great time. Help them to sell you seeming reluctance of tourism offices and locations to provide leaflets and brochures to hand out and display: to sell a visit. I need to make a display on a notice board and a page printed off a website does not fulfil this need Understand their needs Very few people have ever been an organiser in their own right, this shows Be responsive Getting information (prices and opening times) early enough to plan to put it in our newsletter published three times per year (April, July, September) Dont forget the importance of practical issues... hygiene factors Toilets (4.65), Safe and secure (4.37), Quality accommodation (4.22) Dishonest answers regarding wheelchairs, gravel paths, lifts Facilities for elderly and disabled. Clean toilets

10 Needs and wants of GTOs Appropriate provision Appropriate catering (4.13), coach parking (4.10) Venues where they want to provide a group meal which I have to choose OR get food order in advance - not easy Financial benefits... Expect something back for bringing a group Group admission discount (4.54), free or discount for GTO (4.37) Group Organisers at a lot of attractions have to pay for entry and meals whilst drivers don't and we are the ones who do all the organising! Single supplements are a bone of contention. As we do all organisation including hiring the coach/driver we are dismayed that the coach driver gets all the perks for doing nothing!!

11 Needs and wants of GTOs Im always looking for new ideas and places for my group to visit (54% greatly & 44% agree)

12 Points to consider Need to know and understand audience to market effectively Developing products / strategies to get GTOs to stay overnight or longer will result in greater economic benefit for destinations from the additional secondary spend WOM recommendations are most effective but require hard work by all to achieve... and strategies to convert into pro-active advocacy A broad mix of marketing approaches will be required in the foreseeable future to reach this market. A role for user generated content but how to make it effective General foundation marketing and profile raising is important (increases receptivity amongst members and confidence for GTOs)... but difficult to measure impact Destinations and attractions cannot rest of their laurels.. There is a need to develop new products or at least create the perception of offering something new by themeing / packaging offer differently

13 Getting more details QA Research, Brackenhill, St Georges Place, York, YO24 1DT Tel: 01904 632039 W:

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