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Service Research & Innovation Institute

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1 Service Research & Innovation Institute
Costa Rica Chapter Proposal Dr. Carlos Araya ArtinSoft

2 Agenda Introducción Kris Singh: President of SRII: SRII Objective and Motivation (posiblemente en Video Conferencia) 20 minutes + Q&A Palabras de don Rodrigo Gamez sobre “Biomimicry” Introducción al Capítulo de Costa Rica: Carlos Araya Conversación sobre cómo entrarle

3 SRII Background and Opportunity
Costa Rica Chapter SRII Background and Opportunity Era of Service Revolution Costa Rica’s pattern is similar to developed countries Needs National Strategic Direction in this space Growth in Services will continue Opportunity: create a National Brand in Services IT has been the major driver of the Service Revolution Many existing IT-based players, and many other parties doing research Opportunity: join efforts from different sectors Services Research will drive further IT Innovation & Business Productivity Educational System needs to recognize/act on the space Bring sense to Science and Technology strategy: funding and scholarships direction Will enormously benefit from world best-practices Opportunities: Attract investment / business on Services R&D

4 Services Science “Innovate America …, encompasses the interdisciplinary study of computer science, operations research, mathematics, decision-making theory, social and cognitive sciences, and other fields … to tackle the core problems of innovation in the 21st Century, including … restructure organizations, … manage technological innovation, and … simulate systems with complex behaviors” Technology; Information Infrastructure; Services Models, Analytical Tools, Engineering and Design Workbenches, Theoretical Models; Business Processes/Tools/Methods; Human Factors; Cloud Computing, SaaS; Operations; Professional Services; … Science & Engineering Business & Management Social & Cognitive Sciences Economics & Markets Business Innovation Technology Social Demand “Service Science, Management, and Engineering (SSME): A Next Frontier in Education, Employment, Innovation, and Economic Growth”, Jim Spohrer Components: Business strategy, Business process, HR, Fundamental technology “SRII is an organization that is differentiated in its approach to solve large complex problems”, Kris Singh “… the interdisciplinary application of science, engineering, and management for … improving services. … contributes to systematic innovation and improved productivity, and is the guiding force for … improved predictability in the productivity, quality, performance, compliance, development, reusability of knowledge, and operational innovation in services.” Paul Horn, IBM

5 Costa Rica Chapter How Join existing/creating Special Interest Groups (SIGs) inside SRII: Health Care, Tourism, University / Education, IT Services Delivery, Media, Modernization Country’s Signature Chapter SIG: Environment-based Services Country Brandy opportunity around Biodiversity & Services

6 Why Environment-based Services
Leader in several Environmental Services Several established leading services/research groups Highly recognized country brand Some bio-informatics services will be needed Neutral terrain for IT Costa Rican industry Coalescing several currently separated spaces: IT value-added services, environmental services, tourism

7 Environment-based Services (examples)
Environmental Services Water quantity, quality Protection of sources Carbon fixation Species inventory Biodiversity Preservation Services Design and Development of Sustainability Strategies Green Intelligence Bioinformatics-based Services Green Business Intelligence Systems Biology, Executable Biology related services Natural Capitalism – Valuing the ecosystem services Natural resources productivity: Complete-System Closed-cycle production models Comprehensive solution/services business models ©

8 Example: Complementing Biomimicry existing research
BioServices Mimicry Hypothesis: mutualism/symbiosis of different species, as opposed as individuals or collectives of a single species, for inspiring innovative Services concepts facilitated by the new technologies

9 BioServices Mimicry Services from the biological stand point: Understanding complex ecosystems, looking for holistic approaches to solve major problems, specially involving different species / verticals Services as the emergent behavior of sophisticated complex systems Cecropia’s (Guarumo) Service Partners: Exclusive: Azteca ants No exclusive: bees, birds, howler monkeys, …

10 Gartner’s Jul 2009 Tech Maturity
Information Services

11 Example: Information and Services
“By 2015, the increased maturity and adoption of semantic information modeling techniques (such as ontologies) will enable two-thirds of the information management-related tasks currently performed by IT to be automated and executed by business roles” Gartner (Oct 09) “The [Services Science Semantics] approach could be used along three points in this spectrum: semantic descriptions of standard Web services with the help of WSDL-S, semantic policies, and agreements; semantic descriptions of lightweight Web services using Web 2.0 technologies (…); and ontology-based profiling of people and organizational aspects of the assets associated with the knowledge services” Structure, Describe, Find, Integrate, Share, Store, and Govern Information A. Sheth, K. Verma, and K. Gomadam, “Semantics to Energize the Full Services Spectrum”, ACM Jul06 Yahoo’s SearchMonkeys vocabulary, eBay Systems Biology Markup Language SBML Systems Biology Graph Notation SBGN Business Architecture Semantics

12 Original Constituency Proposal
1. Academic Institutions a. INBIO - National Biodiversity Institute ( ) Center for Research on Biodiversity Informatics and Discovery Science c. CENFOTEC ( ) – leading IT education in the region f. INCAE ( ) b. EARTH - The School for Agriculture of the Humid Tropic – EARTH ( ) (funded by the Kellogg’s Foundation) g. OTS – The Organization for Tropical Studies ( ) d. CATIE - The Center for Research and Education on Agriculture of the Tropic ( ) e. National Universities: ITCR, UCR, UNA h. National Academy of Sciences 2. IT Global Enterprises: a. Intel, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, etc. d. Several pharma’s working with academic institutions 3. IT local industry: a. The Chamber of IT and Communications industries - CAMTIC b. The Network of Investors - LINK 4. Government

13 Propuesta de Constitución
Lecciones de la Naturaleza para ser exitosos! Es una jungla! Necesitamos actuar más en Equipo como los leones/lobos Constitución Se busca: personas con alto interés (presentes o referidos) con características Capacidades de perseguir oportunidades Buen olfato para oportunidades Instinto Capacidad de “hacer pasar” Atraer otros constituyentes, como altas autoridades Capacidad de cierre Perseverancy y flexibilidad (“resilience”) Territorios: Internacionales o nacionales, privados o públicos Apoyo de individuos dispuestos a cooperar y aprender Mantra: Comida para todos, prioridad para los que traigan y cooperen!

14 Estrategia Determinar la clase de Projectos que queremos
Determinar las fuentes potenciales de Recursos PRIORIZAR: accesibilidad, “tamaño”, y tiempo Ser específicos acerca del “Objetivo” Acción: “La mayor cantidad de energía en el menor espacio posible”

15 The hunt is on! Nov09 24th Kick-Off of Costa Rican Chapter
Dec09/Jan10 Constitution Constitution Preliminary Resourcing Definition Action Plan Jan10 25th to 27th SRII Global Leadership Conference (Ritz- Carlton Hotel, Half Moon Bay, CA) Apr-May10 Chapter Public Launch – 1st Conference Early results SIGs Constitution Relevant Research/Projects presentations Recommendations

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