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Resp. dott.ssa Lucia Bittesini

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1 Resp. dott.ssa Lucia Bittesini
Anatomia Patologica P.O. De Gironcoli Conegliano Resp. dott.ssa Lucia Bittesini Piernicola Machin

2 L.D., 50 anni,microcalcificazioni QIE dx


4 EE 10x EE 10x

5 EE 10x

6 EE 20x

7 EE 40x

8 EE 20x

9 EE 40x

10 B3 B2 B5 B2 B3 B5

11 DIAGNOSI. Parenchima mammario con focolai di iperplasia dutto-lobulare
a fisionomia apocrina con lieve atipia e necrosi intraduttale, associata a calcificazioni grossolane. Focale, puntiforme e irregolare positività per proteina p63, proteina 100 e actina 1A4. DIN1b/DIN1c (IDA/DCIS BG)



14 EE 5x

15 EE 10x

16 EE 40x

17 EE 40x


19 DIAGNOSI su QUAD Condizione post-mammotome con reazione cicatriziale
in fase di consolidamento...associata alla presenza di focolaio di neoplasia duttale intraepiteliale ben differenziata. La neoplasia si associa a numerosi cluster di calcificazioni di tipo displasico. pTisN0(sn), G1 DIN1c (DCIS BG)

20 Follow-up

21 Radiologo Patologo Oncologo Chirurgo



24 B2 B3

25 Although follow-up excision cannot be strongly recommended in ALH and FEA, it should be considered since the upgrade risk is not negligible ADH lesions with significant cytologic atypia and/or necrosis are most likely to be associated with carcinoma and should be excised. ADH without these features, regardless of extent of involvement, and with [95% removal of the targeted calcifications, is associated with a minimal risk (\3%) of carcinoma and may undergo mammographic follow-up only. Ann Surg Oncol Oct 23.

26 1845 biopsie in 3 anni 122 biopsie(B3) 91 sintomatiche 31 screening
FEA 18% 122 biopsie(B3) ADH 91 sintomatiche 31 screening ESCISSIONE 90%B 90%B 90%B 10%M

27 Current management of FEA is best achieved through a multidisciplinary review considering various factors to determine if surgical excision is warranted. Further studies are required to elucidate the malignant potential of this columnar cell lesion. The American Journal of Surgery

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