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Service meeting Codroipo 13/

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1 Service meeting Codroipo 13/14-06-05
Technical update Service meeting Codroipo /

2 IDROWALL Range NEW Wall fan-coil Range from 1,3 up to 2,5 kW


4 NEW OLD Comparison OLD - NEW IDROWALL Dimensions Accessories
Models : 950x280x155 mm Models : 800x280x200 mm Models 40: 950x280x155 mm Accessories New infrared remote control New wall control panel New wall recessed box Remote control Wall control panel Wall recessed box with valve Wall recessed box with electronic 3 way valve Carel electrical board master-slave function Microtech electrical board Features 2 Versions: - With inside valve - Without valve Work with water temperature till 70°C External valve in the frame Work with water temperature till 55°C Cooling capacity 1,32 ÷ 2,48 Cooling capacity 1,02 ÷ 3,4 3 models 4 models IDROWALL NEW OLD

5 Comparison OLD-NEW Cooling power 3 modelli Acqua: 7/12°C
Aria: 27°C B.S. 19°C B.U. 3 modelli

6 Comparison OLD-NEW Thermal power 3 modelli Acqua: 70/60°C
Aria: 20°C B.S. Acqua: 45°C / portata come in raffredd. 3 modelli

7 Features – application field
IDROWALL MPCV With 3 way ON/OFF electronic valve for cooling and heating IDROWALL MPCB Without 3 way ON/OFF electronic valve only heating t °C = inlet water temperature U.R.% = ambient air relative humidity

8 features – Version with electrovalve.
Air vent valve easely accessible Water discharge valve on the coil

9 Supplyed loose accessories
KPCM – new control board with 11 keys NEW

10 Accessori forniti separatamente
KTCM – LCD infra-red remote control NEW

11 Supplyed loose accessories
KVDF – wall recessed box for the predisposition of the system side piping before the installation,completed of : Quick connection with ball valve Flexible connection piping NEW

12 Electrical board Lay-Out
Valve Fan Flap ST1 ST2 Serial Hall Riceiver

13 Clamps Idrowall 22 - 44 Idrowall 10 - 40 SCR = remote On-Off
KPCM = control board C = aux contact EIR = remote summer winter SIC = remote safety ECO = energy save Serial connection Available soon KPCM Idrowall SCR = remote On-Off KPAN = control board CKRP = aux contact RS 485 = serial connection VI = on – off valve

14 Dip-Swiches configurayion

15 NEW OLD Allarmi

16 Funzioni Regulation functions : Full auto Cool Heat Fan Dry
     confort functions: Orienting/Swing (selection of the deflector position: swingin or fixed ) Auto Fan / Fan speed (manual or authomatic ventilation) Sleep (night climatization function) Too cool (summer block for temperature over 18°C ) Hot start (winter consent of minimum temperature [32; 36; 40 °C] )   

17 Functions Advanced functions:
 Security control (il possible to subordinate the unit running to a remote control, clean contact. For example is possible to interrupt the running if a window is open with a control positioned in the window itself .) Economy (‘’save energy’’ function. You can enable it from a DIP switch positioned in the electrical board and activate it with a clean contact in alternative of the function ‘security control’) On/Off remote control (allows the switching on and off of the unit from a remote switch ,clean contact)   Lock function (conditioning bounded for Hotel rooms) [Full auto; Free vent ; auto mode if not SEI] New New New

18 Funzioni    Le funzioni avanzate:  Continuous ventilation (when the temperature set-point is reached the ventilation is forced to the lower speed) Timer (allows 1 daily ciclic programmed switching on/off of the unit) Probe in / Probe out (the ambient tmeperature can be felt by an inside probe (PROBE IN) or by a probe fixed in the unit (PROBE OUT)). Memory (after a black-out ,the unit will restart in the way that had immediatly before the supply black out). New

19 FUNZIONI Periodical ventilation
activ in cool/dry heat Not active with probe in super-periodic ventilation at the start of the full-auto function (shorted after the remotation of the inside probe) Is possible to read and change the parameters through the KPCM The infrared remote control has to be configured at the first start up New New New New

20 Configurazione telecomando
Page 9 of the user manual

Master - Slave Function New Till a max N° of 5 slave units MASTER SLAVE SLAVE SLAVE MAIN FEATURES “broadcasting”logic: the units are all working in the same zone making exactly the same functions set in the MASTER In the sign of continuity: easy electric connection between the control board of the single unit More flexible: new for IDROWALL CONTROLLO A FILO o TELECOMANDO

22 Master-Slave Function

23 Master-Slave function
Master-Slave net with remote control: connect the electrical heater (rpower 1,2 Kohm 0,5W) The electronic board self-configures itself as master for the presence of the panel or of the electrical heater in the first unit Con pannellino si può scegliere Probe in/out Diagnostic on Slave only with the LED Inlets Slave ECO, EIR, Lock Func., are disactivated SCR Master: blocks all the chain SCR Slave: Blocks only the specific unit SIC:Blocks only the specific unit New New

24 Space to the questions . . .

25 INSTALLATION Is possible to come out with the pipes in different directions according to the needs Lateral outlet to use only in case that the pipes pass through the wall Central outlet to make the connections directly in the wall recessed box if present Later outlet Extractable panel Wall side pipes

26 NEW ACCESSORIES Suppyed loose accessory
KVDF – wall recessed box for the predisposition of the system side pipes before the installation completed with: quick connections with ball valves anf flexible connection pipes. NEW

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