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English Course Academic Year

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1 English Course Academic Year 2012.2013
Faculty of ENGINEERING English Course Academic Year Prof. Elena INTORCIA

2 Entrance Test

3 Yes, I do. / No, I don’t./ Yes, I love sports.
Yes, they are. / No, they aren’t. Yes, they are really angry! Short answers  Yes, + Subj. + Aux. No, + Subj. + Aux. (negative form)

4 It’s 26th September, 2012. Saying the date A: What’s the date today? B: It’s 3rd October, written form It’s the third of October, two thousand and twelve. spoken form 03/10/2012 BrE: the third of October AmE: the tenth of March

5 Ordinal numbers 1st  the first 2nd  the second 3rd  the third number + -th  ex. four – the fourth How to read years  19 – 92: nineteen ninety-two 1902  nineteen o /ǝʊ/ two 2012  two thousand and twelve OR: twenty twelve

6 (They are) one hundred and twenty seconds (long).
I’m shy/extroverted/funny ... I’m tall and thin. X To be like >> character, personality To look like >> physical appearance

7 Question form: auxiliary + subject + verb + object
Can/Do didn’t/ couldn’t don’t Question form: auxiliary + subject + verb + object

8 a/my is Serena/a student. a/her

9 The indefinite article a/an
a/an  art. indet.: un, uno, una a  a pen, a CD player an  an architect, an engineer a university uniform window MP3 honest person “a” davanti a consonante e ai suoni /w/ e /ju:/ “an” davanti a vocale, ai suoni vocalici, e alla “h” muta a a an /em pi: θri:/ an

10 are some WOMEN in the car.
LEAVES are falling off the tree. KNIVES are ... BOXES

11 Are you tired / German / ... Why don’t you watch this film Where does she live?

12 Would you like a coffee / some tea /...
How old are you? / What’s your favourite number? / How many books have you got? ... Do they study French?

13 I live in a small village in the south of Italy.
country >> nazione, Paese town >> città (piccola) city >> città (grande)

14 I love travelling (to travel) by car.
I’ve been studying English for 8 years. Carlo can’t (is not able to) swim well. good adjective

15 Present Perfect Continuous
Forma have been/has been + -ing form I have been working all day long. Usi Questo tempo è usato per indicare un’azione iniziata nel passato e che ancora continua nel presente. o che si è appena conclusa. Ex.: I’m sorry I’m late. Have you been waiting long?

16 If you study a lot, you will pass the exam.
Where do you usually go on holiday? The English lecture is two hours long lasts two hours.

17 was born x to be born was/were born am x age verb to be

18 x x future present past on x x I’ll go out/I’m going out

19 The the the the + adjective: a category

20 by by with by with

21 in On in at in in on at in at

22 Prepositions of time on at per indicare un giorno specifico
giorni della settimana parti del giorno + nome giorno date un giorno particolare - on Monday on Friday morning on Wednesday 3rd October on Christmas Day at per indicare un orario specifico le ore gli orari dei pasti at ten o’clock at midday/midnight at breakfast (time) at lunchtime

23 in MA at per indicare un periodo specifico anni mesi stagioni secoli
periodi storici parti del giorno in 2012 in October in autumn in the 21st century in the Renaissance in the afternoon MA at con i seguenti periodi at Easter, at Christmas at the weekend, at weekends at night

24 Entrance Test: outcomes

25 No. of students: 98 1% 4% 7% 29% 49% 10%

26 Grammar areas related to the Entrance Test
What should I revise? A >> Answering questions B >> Completing sentences C >> Plural of nouns D >> Asking questions E >> Translating F >> Correcting mistakes G >> Definite article the H-I >> Prepositions

27 CLAUS 
FREE English courses REGISTRATION: by 26th October either at the CLAUS or online (see website)  obligatory Two courses (2o hours each, two-hour lecture twice a week) will be offered: from 8th November to 7th December from 13th December to 25th January

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