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Women in the European Employment Strategy

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1 Women in the European Employment Strategy
Tom Bevers – EMCO Chairman Irish Presidency Conference Dublin, 29 April 2013

2 The Employment Committee
Guardian of the European Employment Strategy (Art. 148 TFEU) Prepares the EPSCO Council General guidance within the Strategy Country-Specific Recommendations (CSRs)

3 Spring European Council
General Guidance Draft Joint Employment Report Commission : Annual Growth Survey EMCO Key Messages Joint Employment Report EMCO / SPC Opinion EPSCO Council Spring European Council

4 Country Specific Recommendations
CSRs JAF (Joint Assessment Framework) EPM (Employment Performance Monitor) Analysis country desks DG EMPL Analysis of the Labour Market Situation Follow-up of the CSRs Multilateral Surveillance Country Review NHPs Multilateral position Commission proposal recommendations Proposal for recommendations to EPSCO Council

5 Main indicators on gender
A Baltic/Nordic model ?

6 Main indicators on gender
Working part-time is better than not working Reconciliation of work and family life

7 Main indicators on gender
A trade-off between the employment rate and the pay gap ?

8 The GPG and the ER for women
Challenge : tackling both at the same time !

9 The 2012 recommendations 12 CSRs with a “gender” touch
Multilateral surveillance : sizeable investments in childcare in some Member States, less progress in others Increase female labour market volume needed in some Member States Tax disincentives for second earners to be tackled

10 Key Messages and AGS opinion
History of gender mainstreaming Flexible and secure working arrangements for the benefit of both employers and employees Sufficient and affordable quality care facilities : relevance for women over 50 Elimination of tax-benefit disincentives Job creation potential Care, ICT and greening economy : importance of STEM skills Tackling gender segregation in education and labour market Importance of overall well-functioning labour markets

11 Gender and labour market mobility
More mobility : better for men

12 Gender and labour market mobility
More mobility : much better for women ! No composition effect

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