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Example: Outokumpu Tornio Terneuzen Milano.

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1 Example: Outokumpu Tornio Terneuzen Milano

2 Example: Nike Amsterdam Rotterdam Antwerpen Laakdal Zeebrugge

3 Example: Nike outbound
Hamina Moskou Antwerpen Laakdal Oradea

4 Example: Ford Killingholme Dartford Vlissingen Purfleet Genk Keulen

5 Rail shuttles Departures per week Germany 101 Italy 47 Austria 34
Tsjech Republic 24 Switzerland 13 Belgium 12 Poland 10

6 Departures per week main destinations
Intermodal shortsea Departures per week main destinations Cont RoRo Ireland Russia Spain UK (per day)

7 Eemhaven ECT Home Terminal
Rotterdam Shortsea terminals Rail Service Centre Eemhaven ECT Home Terminal

8 Case Netherlands - Italy
Shortsea (29%*) 9 container and 2 Ro-Ro services 11 resp. 1 sailings per week Shortsea cheaper south of Rome Transit time longer than by road or rail Rail (27%*) 9 container services, 64 departures per week Transit time and price compatetive with road transport (Alps passage, driving hours, ban on weekend driving, Maut in Germany and Austria) Mainly intermodal transport to northern Italy * Share in modal split; roadtransport = 44%

9 1 Certosa Cemat 2 Certosa ONT 3 Greco Hupac 4 Rogoredo Cemat
DIRETTRICE GOTTARDO 1 Certosa Cemat 2 Certosa ONT 3 Greco Hupac 4 Rogoredo Cemat 5 Smist. Messina 6 Smist. Mara 7 Smist. Cemat 8 Greco Hupac 9 Pioltello Saima DIRETTRICE SEMPIONE Rail terminals rond Milaan LUINO-Norfolkline ARCISATE MENDRISIO CO VA SESTO C. GALLARATE-Ambrogio BG BUSTO-Hupac DESIO-Hupac MXP MONZA BRESCIA - Net RHO-Sogemar 1 TREVIGLIO 2 8 6 MELZO-Com Sogemar ARLUNO- Spinelli 7 9 TORINO 3 5 NO 4 VERONA TAVAZZANO-Chem T. MORTARA PV CASALPUST. CR GENOVA POTENZIAMENTO TRAFFICO PASSEGGERI (LP e SFR) BOLOGNA

10 Issues When to use shortsea or rail from Italy to Northern Europe?
Competitive position of ports transit time by sea

11 Case Netherlands - Russia
Shortsea to Russia (Baltic ports) 19 container and 2 Ro-Ro services 20 / 4 sailings per week Shortsea least expensive modality Transit time (slightly) longer than road and rail Rail Limited volume to Russia Mainly project cargo (machinery) Different rail gauge, transhipment Malaszewice

12 Issues In future one type of liability vs CIM/SMGS
Ports, maily St Petersburg (were) often congested Growth use of trans-siberian route Railferry Sassnitz-Klaipeda: most5 westerly station of the trans-siberian express. (slightly)

13 More information? Rail Cargo information Netherlands
Shortsea Promotion Centre Holland

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