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Using the School Report Card Online Application

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1 Using the School Report Card Online Application

2 Logon To Application at

3 This screen is what you should see when you logon
KDE Web Applications Login User ID: Password: This screen is what you should see when you logon

4 Enter your ID and Password
The ID and Password are not case sensitive, so don’t worry about capitalization. The IDs will be 5 to 8 letters and will end with a 1 (or a 2 if you are already in the system) JBARTHO1, for example. The initial password will be REPORT.

5 After You enter Your ID/Password Combination, this screen should appear, or something similar.
If you have editing rights to another KDE Web Application, you will see that option If you wish to view or edit the report card at this point, click on Report Card If you wish to add or edit Users and User rights, click on User Administrator

6 As District School Report Card Administrator, when you click on Report Card you will see the District Menu screen, giving you access to the district card and to all district schools.

7 Report Card is complete and ready for sign off.
You will not have this option! Templates will be updated every night. Changes will not be reflected in template until the next day Click here to view or edit District Card Click here to edit Conner High School Florence Elementary Report Card is complete and ready for sign off. Click signoff link

8 When you click on District or on the name of a particular school, you will see the Main Menu with all the subdivisions of the card and their status

9 Here are the main sections of a school report card and their status
Here are the main sections of a school report card and their status. All are incomplete at present. Click on a section to open that screen.

10 All of the cells on this screen can be updated by district or school, except Total Enrollment which is locked. To change a locked number you would have to submit a change of data request to the help desk by clicking on the number. If the principal or superintendent's name is incorrect, click on Choose Person Type in the correct first and last names and click on Search. If the correct name comes up, select it, if not, click on Add Name and the name you entered will replace the outdated name. Click on number to open Help Desk Comment Form

11 Choose appropriate category and click on radio button
Identify cell and data in question. These forms are generic and will not provide this key information. Explain what is wrong and what the correct data should be. Provide correct contact information Click on Submit button to send to Help Desk.

12 Help Buttons Information from the field will be used to develop specific help as the need arises. Initially all Help buttons will be linked to Help Desk Comment Forms. As questions and problems arise, answers and solutions will be developed and placed immediately behind the Help buttons.

13 Adding/Editing Users To Add or Edit Users, click on User Administrator on the KDE Applications Menu Page (the first page after the login screen)

14 If you had editing rights for Boone County, this is the screen you would see if you clicked on “User Administrator.” This screen would enable you to add a district level user/ person. To add a district level user/person, click on “Add User/Person”

15 If you wanted to add a school level user/person, you would:
Change district to school in the Organization Type Pull down Menu Locate correct school in Organization menu Then proceed as with district user/person:

16 Enter first and last name of person you wish to give rights
Check “ignore organization” Click on “search.”

17 click This was a successful search—Pat was already in the database Click on Edit/Add password to proceed

18 Fill in first and last names and email address and click save
If search was not successful, click on Add a Person button and this screen will appear Fill in first and last names and address and click save

19 When you have saved the person you “created,” this screen appears and you can click on Make User to create a “User” and give this person rights

20 Fill in password and repeat to verify (record user ID and password)
Enter user’s address if not present Click save When user and password have been saved, ignore blank screen that appears and seems to expect you to reenter password! Click on Main Menu.

21 To complete process click on Edit Group Membership

22 Click on Main Menu and the job is done!
When screen opens current groups will be collapsed if user does not have rights to another application Click on Add Group and window will open with group assigned Click on the level of rights you wish to assign to user Click on Main Menu and the job is done!

23 As always if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to the School Report Card Help Desk Or call the Help Desk at (502)

24 Or leave you in the lurch!
We won’t cuss laugh Or leave you in the lurch! To access Kentucky Report Cards and development materials:

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