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Action Group D4: Age-friendly Cities, Regions and Environments

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1 Action Group D4: Age-friendly Cities, Regions and Environments
La Partnership Europea per l’Invecchiamento Attivo e in Buona Salute (EIP-AHA) come strumento operativo di Innovazione Napoli, 19 Aprile 2013 Action Group D4: Age-friendly Cities, Regions and Environments Gian Matteo Apuzzo Local Health Authority n.5 on behalf of the Central Directorate for Health, Social-Health Integration and Social Policies Friuli Venezia Giulia Autonomous Region

2 Action on innovation for Age friendly environments Support to active and healthy ageing through innovation for age-friendly buildings, cities and environments Headline objectives: • to achieve 2 additional healthy life years for older people in the EU by accelerating the promotion, take-up and implementation of supportive physical and social environments to support active and healthy ageing throughout the EU, and • to achieve this by fostering great participation of older citizens, greater pan-european public and private stakeholder and cross-sectoral collaboration, and greater exploitation of age-friendly innovation including the take-up of ICT solutions.

3 What is the Action Plan D4 about?
Main activities and expected outcomes: I. 14 commitments covering just over 400 partners representing 40 regions will implement strategies to create AFE in partnership with older persons and will share good-practice. II. 8 groups (430 partners from 30 regions) will campaign for launch of an EU Covenant on Demographic Change to create necessary framework to bring together L+R actors to scale up innovative evidence based solutions across the EU and facilitate creation of a EU repository on AFE. III. 9 consortia (74 partners from 19 regions) will undertake research into links between spatial context and older people’s health and wellbeing, to help develop cost effective solutions. IV. 12 consortia (137 partners from 17 regions) will undertake joint initiatives to tackle ethical issues and increase effectiveness of ICT based solutions to promote AFE.

4 What is the Action Plan D4 about?
Some deliverables: • Launch of concept of Covenant on Demographic Change with 50 regions and 100 municipalities actively engaged • Operation, evaluation and replication of a new ICT enabled assisted-living housing scheme • An independent living programme to support people with dementia to stay active in the community for longer • Help develop evidence-based guidelines on urban strategic planning for age-friendly environments • Develop a Computer-Aided-Evaluation of Accessibility tool for building design assessment • Develop an ICT framework for accessible tourism Will develop principles and guidelines adapted to the EU context that will be used as a basis for the proposed Covenant and network of age-friendly environments 2013

5 What is the Action Plan D4 about?
Popular and political support for an age-friendly environments by consulting and supporting networking between regions, cities and communities at both local and European level. • Action Area 1: develop activities to enhance participation of older people at local level (users’ council, older people’s fora, platform, citizens dialogue, etc.) and to connect the voice of older people in place • Action Area 2: launch & analyse results of a questionnaire to LRAs to collect grass root views on their needs and potential benefit of an EU initiative such as a Covenant on Demographic Changes Action Area 3: Joint initiatives into the links between spatial context, cost effectiveness, population health, participation and wellbeing of older people •Action Area 4: Increase the effectiveness of innovative solutions based on ICT products, & applications and services in order to promote age-friendly environments A horizontal activity on dementia is going to be set up 2013

6 Brief examples on what’s going on in Action Plan D4
Networks Promoting an EU Covenant on Demographic Change Age Platform Europe gave an overview of the work within Action Area 2. A questionnaire on needs of local and regional authorities for the implementation of age-friendly environments was disseminated in 27 languages, in collaboration with Eurocities, they received 230 responses and are in the process of analysing the results, with results due beginning of June 2013 AFE Regional Platform Louth County Council, Afra-Net, are starting to develop a programme of action for the region in age-friendly environments and are setting up a regional alliance forum Friuli Venezia Giulia Region set up a cluster with 43 regional institutions and organisations (public and private) and included it in the smart specialization strategy on ambient of life (living lab) 2013

7 Partners –AG D4 So far 50 Contact partners: Academie voor Technology (NL), Academie voor Technology, Innovation & Society Delft (NL), AFC-EU (EU), AGE Platform Europe (EU), Alzheimer Europe (EU), Alzheimer’s Society of England, Wales and Northern Ireland (UK), Ambienta 45 (ES), Amsteram Innovation Motor (NL), Azienda per i Servizi Sanitari n5 Bassa Friulana (ASS 5) - Local Health Authority n5 Bassa Friulana (IT), Consorzio di Bioingegneria e Informatica Medica - CBIM (IT), Coöperatie Slimmer Leven 2020 (NL), Council of European Municipalities and Regions (EU), Departamento de Salud Valencia- La Fe - Agencia Valenciana de Salud (ES), ENSA (EU), EUROCITIES (EU), EuroHealthNet (EU), European Committee for Standardization- CEN (EU), Fondazione ANT Italia Onlus (IT), Fundacion Alzheimer España (ES), Hjälpmedelinstitutet (The Swedish Institute of Assistive Technology – SIAT) (SE), HOSPITAL CLINICA Benidorm (ES), Hospital Universitario de Getafe-Servicio Madrileño de Salud (ES), ISPUP - Institute of Public Health of Porto University (PT), Instituto de Biomecanica de Valencia (ES), Health Service Executive (IE), Life Supporting Technologies – Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (ES), LINK CARE SERVICES (FR), Louth County Council (IE), Netwell Centre Ireland (IE), Oficina de Estrategia Donostia/San Sebastián - Ayuntamiento de Donostia/San Sebstián (ES), Older Women's Network, Europe (EU), Provincial Government of Biscay (ES), Public University of Navarra (ES), Region Skåne (SE), Regional Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Andalusia (ES), Regione Marche (REGMAR), Regional Agency for Health - ARS (Agenzia Regionale Sanitaria) (IT), Research Centre for Anthropology and Health, University of Coimbra (PT), Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) (FI), Technische Universität Dresden (DE), Tercera Edad Activa, S.L. (Mondial Assistance) (ES), The City of Edinburgh (UK), The City of Groningen (NL), TNO Netherlands’ Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (NL), TU Delft (NL), Universidad de Alcalá (ES), Universitat de Valencia – Instituto de Investigación Polibienestar (ES), University College Cork (IE), University of Applied Sciences & University of Amsterdam (UvA) (NL), WAAG (NL), Welsh Local Government Association (UK), WHO Regional Office for Europe (Europe) 2013

8 Thank you for your attention!
Matteo Apuzzo Tel: (+39) Fax: (+39) 2013

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