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Choosing your baby’s Sex

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1 Choosing your baby’s Sex

2 Can we choose the sex of our child?
Yes, choosing the sex of your baby is technically possible by advances in fertility treatments that allow doctors to create or identify embryos of a certain sex. But, sex selection methods are usually the most expensive (tens of thousands of dollars) involving infertility treatments and fertility drugs that involve painful side effects You also have to meet strict eligibility requirements.

3 Requirements for Treatment
Married Have 1 child already the opposite sex of what you desire now Under the age of 45 Not approaching menopause Have good health Not taking prescription drugs for depression You are not eligible unless you meet the following requirements set by fertility doctors:

4 Sex-Selection Methods
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) MicroSort Ericsson Shettles Method Whelan Method Sex-selection Kits

5 Baby, Baby, Baby One of the methods that have worked best for more than 80% of couples and is not outrageously ex- pensive for those couples who are trying is the Shettles method. The method is all about timing. The timing of intercourse plays an important role in achieving the desired gender.

6 How to get a Shettles girl
Trying for a girl is harder and takes time. May take several months to conceive a girl. Couples need to stop having sex about 2 days before ovulation, reason being so more X than Y sperm meet the egg. The couple should have intercourse frequently, right after her menstrual period ends.

7 How to get a Shettles Boy
Holding off on intercourse until 4 days before ovu- lation will boost a man’s sperm count and produce more Y sperm than X sperm. During the 12 hour ovu- lation period, the partners should have sex just once. National Center for Health Statistics say that 1,050 boys are born for every 1,000 girls.

8 Trying Again Another method called In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Artificial Insemination (AI) is where you are given stimulating drugs to try and get your ovaries to produce several eggs for conception. The doctor removes your eggs with a needle, putting them in a Petri dish where they will be fertilized with your partners sperm. Two to five days later your doctor implants them back into the uterus. Depending on your age, determines how many eggs get implanted back into the uterus. After that it is a waiting process to see if the eggs implanted will reproduce.

9 Pros and Cons to (IVF) Some problems that may come to your attention with the procedure, is that it’s very costly! The average cost of an (IVF) cycle is $12,400. The removal of the eggs can be very painful as well. Your more likely to have multiple births with a chance of having twins. Fertility clinics do not automatically allow the procedure for sex selection only, but in doing, they boost up the cost. The upside of the procedure, is afterward the remaining embryos are frozen in case if the couple wants more children or they miscarried. The procedure is cheaper and less invasive.

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11 The End

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