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The Five Classes of Vertebrate

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1 The Five Classes of Vertebrate
By: Crystal Sandoval 5B

2 Fish All fish only live in water
They all get oxygen through their gills All fish are cold blooded Most fish have scales Most of them lay eggs without shells

3 Amphibians All amphibians have moist and soft skins
They are all cold blooded When they are young they live in water and breathe through gills When they are adults they usually live on land breathe through their lungs Amphibians sometimes lay their eggs in water

4 Birds All birds have feathers Birds all live on land
All birds use lungs to breathe Birds are all warm blooded All birds have beaks Birds all lay hard shelled eggs

5 Mammals Mammals all have fur or hair All mammals use lungs to breathe
Mammals are all warm blooded All mammals feed milk to their young produced by female mammals Most mammals don’t lay eggs

6 Reptiles Reptiles all have scales All reptiles use lungs to breathe
Reptiles are all cold blooded Most reptiles live on land Some reptiles live in water

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