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EGG AND CHEESE UNIT. EGGS: 1. Eggs are rich in which main nutrient? protein.

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2 EGGS: 1. Eggs are rich in which main nutrient? protein

3 2. How are eggs cooked? a. simmered – never boiled b. fried c. baked – shirred d. poached e. scrambled f. omelets g. meringues

4 3. What functions do eggs serve when added to other foods? a. leavening agent – example: soufflés b. emulsifying agent – example: mayonnaise c. thicken – example: soups and sauces d. binder – example: stuffing, meatballs e. crisp coating – example: fried foods

5 4. What is the cooking principle for eggs which also applies to all protein foods? a. Always use low temperatures. b. What does high temperatures do to the protein in eggs? The protein becomes tough and rubbery.

6 5. Meringues are made by beating air into raw egg whites. a. When separating the white from the yolk, eggs separate best when they are cold from the refrigerator. b. Egg whites beat to a higher volume when they are at room temperature.

7 c. When beating egg whites, the bowl must be clean and free of fat. d. The whites must be free of any yolk (fat). e. Do not use a plastic bowl. f. If coarse sugar crystals are used when adding sugar to a meringue, the albumen will be broken down and the volume of the meringue will be reduced. What type of sugar should be used? fine

8 CHEESE: 1. What types of milk are used to make cheese? a. cow b. goat c. ewe 2. What is the enzyme that is added to milk to make it change from liquid to solid? rennin 3. What is the term which means to change from liquid to solid? coagulate

9 4. After milk has coagulated, it is stirred and separates into solid and liquid. The solid part is called curds. The liquid part is called whey.

10 5. Curds are heated, flavored, and pressed into molds. 6. The cheese is left to cure through the action of friendly bacteria. 7. Cheese ripens and grows stronger (flavor improves) with age. 8. Flavor varies from mild to sharp.

11 9. Some cheeses are not ripened. What are examples of cheeses that are not ripened? a. cream cheese b. ricotta c. cottage cheese d. mozzarella

12 10. Storing cheese: a. Wrap tightly in plastic wrap. b. Store in the warmest part of the refrigerator. c. Cheese has a better flavor and texture when served at room temperature.

13 11. Cooking principle for cheese: a. Cheese is rich in protein. b. Cook cheese at low temperatures to prevent the protein from becoming tough and rubbery.

14 12. What is Quiche? a. Quiche is a combination of eggs and cheese. b. Quiche is a high protein recipe. c. Quiche can be served as a main dish.

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