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French Food & Ordering in a Restaurant

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1 French Food & Ordering in a Restaurant

2 Common Food Un Hamburger Les Frites Hamburger French Fries

3 Common Food Le Pain Le Fromage Bread Cheese

4 Common Food Le Poisson Le Poulet Fish Chicken

5 Common Food La Glâce Un Gatêau Ice Cream Cake

6 Common Food Un Café Un Oeuf Coffee Egg

7 Common Food Le Lait Le Chocolat Milk Chocolate

8 Common Food La Pizza Un Coca Pizza Soda Pop

9 Common Food L’eau La Pomme Water Apple

10 Useful Vocab Le petit-déjeuner Breakfast Déjeuner Lunch
Le dîner Dinner J’ai faim/soif. I’m hungry/thirsty. Je voudrais…. I would like.... Je prends…. I’ll take…. ….s’il vous plaît ….please Non, merci. No, thank you

11 Gender and Amount Definite articles appear before a noun to indicate if the noun is male/female and if there is more than one of them. La  Feminine Une  Feminine Le  Masculine Un  Masculine Les  Plural Des  Plural L’  If noun begins with a vowel sound If you have more than one item, use les/des. Definite articles la,le,les,l’ translate as “the” whole thing. Une and un translate as “a” whole item, or “an” entire item. Des translates as “some”. Ex.) La pizza  The pizza Ex.) Un hamburger  A hamburger

12 The Partitive To say you want some of or part of something, use de with the definite article that goes with the item. Masculine singular  De + Le = Du Feminine singular  De + La = De La Singular beginning with a vowel sound  De + l’ = De L’ Plural  De + Les = Des Ex.) I would like some milk  Je voudrais du lait

13 The End. Le Fin 

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