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Extending Your Reach with SharePoint and Office. Ignite: Office SharePoint Azure.

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1 Extending Your Reach with SharePoint and Office

2 Ignite: Office SharePoint Azure

3 App for SharePoint Features By Example

4 Demo Envision: Apps for SharePoint

5 Example: Adding a Travel Site to SharePoint 5

6 Demo Envision: Apps for Office

7 Types of Apps for Office Task Pane App for Office (Document-centric) Assists user working with one or more documents Works in Word, Excel and Project Content App for Office (Document-centric) Adds embedded content/functionality into document Only used in Excel Application and Excel Web Application Mail App for Office (Mailbox-centric) Used in Outlook Application and Outlook Web App (OWA) Extends Outlook items with custom UI and behaviors Outlook items can be messages and events Mail Apps require Exchange 2013 or Office 365

8 Example: Content App for Office Current selection Content App reads current selection and translates


10 10

11 Mail App Body Context Trigger App Name

12 Why: The Value Proposition Features Increase application functionality. Opportunity Leverage the Microsoft Office Store for access to a huge global audience of Office and SharePoint users. Powerful Platform Familiar web toolset, seamless licensing, and automatic upgrades and hosting scenarios.

13 By selling on the Office store you have access to over 750M users of Office and SharePoint Huge potential customer base: Tap into customers from over 231 purchase markets accessing a multilingual platform that supports over 100 languages Global audience: Get closer to the user by exposing your app right within the Office and SharePoint products Visibility: Gain credibility by listing your app on the Office store since all apps are rigorously validated and community reviewed Trust: Become part of a growing and vibrant partner ecosystem with over 10,000 partners and counting Vibrant ecosystem: Publish your app a click away from millions of potential customers

14 Understanding the Point of Sale Leveraging the Office and SharePoint App Store

15 Seller Dashboard Office Store Ribbon Direct Negotiated deals/ IT projects App Catalog FREE/ TRIAL/ PURCHASE OFFICE PartnerIT adminEnd user APP VALIDATION Distribution Channel

16 Monetizing your App per seat priceorganization wide price X

17 global currencies global customer markets Currently US storefront, EN apps global developer markets Global Reach yet, we support… Users and developers from most countries can sell and buy apps on the US storefront using local currencies

18 Platform Features

19 Todays MarketTodays TrendsOur Principles Microsoft Vision: Modernizing the Platform

20 The Result: A New Cloud App Model

21 Flexible Lifecycle Deploy and sell apps publically Publish your apps on the Office Store to reach out to hundreds of millions of users outside of your organization. Distribute IT approved apps directly IT approved apps can also be distributed within an organization through an internal App Catalog. Work with flexibility Update your apps seamlessly without impacting Office and SharePoint version upgrade cycles.

22 Hosting: Choice of Three Architecture Approaches App Web (from WSP) Host Web SharePoint-Hosted App (Microsoft Hosts) Provision an isolated sub web on a host web Re-use web elements (lists, files, out-of-box web parts) No server code allowed; use client JavaScript for logic, UX Provider-Hosted App Bring your own server hosting infrastructure SharePoint Web Get remote events from SharePoint Use CSOM/REST + OAuth to work with SP Cloud-based Apps Your Hosted Site Autohosted App (Microsoft Hosts) Windows Azure + SQL Azure provisioned invisibly as apps are installed O365 Hosted Web Sites O365 Hosted Web Sites SharePoint Web Windows Azure Web Sites Windows Azure Web Sites

23 Summary Get access to a huge global audience of Office and SharePoint users. Leverage powerful capabilities to enable seamless licensing, upgrade and hosting scenarios. Apps for Office and SharePoint provide significant increases to your SAAS offering.

24 Questions


26 Co-Authoring

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