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Final Report Presentation By Mohammad Saber Sakhizada March,26 – 2009.

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1 Final Report Presentation By Mohammad Saber Sakhizada March,26 – 2009

2 Acknowledgement

3 Table and Contents Chapter one: (General Information) Chapter two: (Japans IP Office Introduction) Chapter three: (Companies Introduction) Chapter four: (Evaluation and Consideration)

4 1. The importance of Intellectual Property 2. The position of Afghanistan in human resource development 3. How can Afghanistan get back what it has lost? 4. Do the donor countries have any role in this regard? 5. Functions of the government and Intellectual Property Office of Afghanistan

5 1.The Importance of Intellectual Property Intellectual property encourages the production and dissemination of knowledge and a wide range of quality goods and services Intellectual property rights add value for consumers and can provide a guarantee of source and quality Intellectual property strengthens the relationship between nations and will connect the future of developing countries with developed ones economically, socially and politically.

6 World separated into two parts today The world which produces knowledge and technology The world which consumes them, which is waiting to get products from producer nations Developing countries are consuming nations which use industrial, educational and technological products of other countries; they contribute little to current world development. These countries have the responsibility to endeavour for development in all aspects however or else they will remain behind. One of the main factors which developing countries must take into account is the issue of human resource development.

7 2. Position of Afghanistan in

8 Education Population: 32,738,376 (July 2008 est.) Literacy: total population: 35%

9 3. How we can strengthen IPRs? The Afghanistan government must: pay more attention to economic aspects of intellectual property, provide legal and professional consolation in all regards, provide necessary facilitation for private sectors such as small and medium enterprises, and do much work in the areas of academic investigation, education, industry and culture. This is possible with the cooperation of donor countries.

10 Use the experience of national and foreign professionals. A national strategy for Intellectual Property should be enforced. The weak and strong points of the strategy should be identified. Weak points should be improved and the strong points should be concentrated on for further development. Special organization should be established for research regarding intellectual property with the help of donor countries, so that the economic, social and cultural results of accommodation of the intellectual property system can occur internally. Afghanistan must import and focus on the successful results of those countries that have used intellectual property as a tool for development and improvement. Public awareness should be cultivated for assuring the right of intellectual property and increasing the budget for accommodation of this objective, as well as teaching the relevant issues of intellectual property at all education levels so that the new generation can use intellectual property for the development of society.

11 4. Do the donor countries have any role in this regard? The countries that are playing a basic role in Afghanistan are those countries which are trailblazers in intellectual property and have much experience. Therefore, these countries can play an important role in enforcing the right of intellectual property in Afghanistan, and they can allocate their assistance in different fields while focusing on aspects of development.

12 1. The most important need for Afghanistan is to help inventors and innovators find a market for their creations. Coordination with these experienced countries can solve this problem. One of the best recommendations which can be provided in this regards is a "Cooperation Program". 2. These countries can present educational programs regarding intellectual property in Kabul and implement them in all provinces. 3. With the aid of these countries, Afghanistan can establish a sponsorship fund to which each country can contribute. This fund must be allocated to help private companies, and a special program should be provided for them. Until the intellectual property system can be used fairly in business and economic fields, these programs must be provided in a style that can improve the level of qualifications and awareness, as well as for using and protecting intellectual property. 4. Donor countries must cooperate, advise and change ideas through educational and research organizations in Afghanistan, and these research organizations must have the opportunity to exploit the results of their research.

13 5. Functions of the government and AIPO providing clear and enforceable intellectual property rights ownership, without discrimination as to nationality; supporting intellectual property policies with sound economic management, good infrastructure and other appropriate policies in areas such as education, science and technology, culture, taxes, investment regulations, production and technical incentives, trade, and competition; improving the accessibility of national and international intellectual property protection systems in terms of costs and easiness of use; educating local communities, businesses and the public on the potential benefits of the intellectual property system; providing assistance to innovators/producers/creators on how to use intellectual property protection to their commercial advantage; and supporting efforts of stakeholder organizations in this area; Recognize that an effective intellectual and industrial property system is vital to the development of domestic and creative activity, facilitates transfer of technology, attracts foreign investments, and ensures market access for our products. It shall protect and secure the exclusive rights of scientists, inventors, artists and other gifted citizens to their intellectual property and creations, particularly when beneficial to the people.

14 Ministry of Commerce and Industry Legal & Regulatory Policy Affairs Department Afghanistan Intellectual Property Office (AIPO)


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