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3rd Grade. Let me tell you a story about the naughty boy.

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1 3rd Grade

2 Let me tell you a story about the naughty boy.

3 I know your brother better than your sister.

4 Look! The dog can bring the ball.

5 Mum loves to carry the baby.

6 I will help you to clean the room.

7 Use a knife to cut the cheese.

8 I have done my homework. Have you?

9 Candy loves to draw pictures of animals.

10 When I am thirsty I drink some water.

11 There are eight Easter eggs.

12 If you run too fast you will fall.

13 He hit the ball hard and it went very far.

14 The cup is full of hot tea.

15 He got the answer right.

16 Flowers grow when you give them water.

17 Hold the rope when you ride the horse.

18 The coffee is very hot. Be careful!

19 Tom hurt his leg and Ken hurt his arm. Tom Ken

20 If you want to see the zebras go to the zoo.

21 Keep quiet because the children are sleeping.

22 Leo is so kind he gives grandma a rose.

23 The clown made them laugh a lot.

24 Put on the light at night.

25 The road on the bridge is very long.

26 If you eat too much you will be fat.

27 I fed the chickens myself. No one helped me.

28 Children should never drink beer.

29 Today the twins are nine years old.

30 Only the dentist can help you with your teeth.

31 Bruno is my own dog.

32 In summer we can pick the fruit and flowers.

33 Mum bought seven bananas and I ate one.

34 Shall we go to the zoo to see the tortoise?

35 I want to see the show about horses on TV.

36 Can you see the six colourful balls?

37 The kittens are cute and small.

38 They are waiting to start the race.

39 Sallys friend gave her ten new crayons.

40 Today is Monday the 9 th of January.

41 We are playing together with a ball.

42 I will try my best to catch a big fish.

43 Today is warm so I am using my fan to keep cool.

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