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Seasons and Celebrations

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1 Seasons and Celebrations

2 OBJECTIVOS 1- Identificar feriados e datas festivas dos Países de Língua Oficial Inglesa; 2- Estabelecer ligações entre feriados Portugueses e de Países de Língua Oficial Inglesa.

3 Festivals

4 Festivals INDEX The New Year Valentine’s Day Easter The Fourth of July
Hallowe’en Guy Fawkes’ Day Thanksgiving Christmas

5 THE NEW YEAR New Year’s Day is January 1st, the first day of the New Year.

6 THE NEW YEAR New Year’s Eve is on 31st December,the last day before the New Year begins. In many places, people go to parties, bars or restaurants with friends in the evening.

7 Valentine’s Day Valentine’s day Started over two thousand years ago, as a winter festival, on 15th February.

8 Valentine’s Day The cards have pictures of flowers and birds on, and words inside like: “Roses are red, my love, violets are blue, sugar is sweet, my love, but not as sweet as you.”

9 EASTER Easter begins with Good Friday.
Two days later, on Easter Sunday, Cristians believe that Jesus returned to life. On Easter Sunday, people give chocolate Easter eggs.

10 The Fourth of July Every year on the Fourth of July, Americans celebrate Independence Day. On 4 July 1776, Thomas Jefferson and his friends wrote the Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia.

11 HALLOWE’EN To make a jack o’lantern, people cut a hole in a large fruit – usually a pumpkin. In Canada and the USA, and Britain, children go “ trick or treating” dressed like Witches and ghosts.

12 GUY FAWKES' DAY Every year on 5th November, in most parts of Britain, people build a big fire outside, with all the dead leaves and old pieces of wood.

13 THANKSGIVING American and Canadian families still have a Thanksgiving Day dinner with their family, They have turkey and autumn vegetables, and then pumpkin pie. American football

14 CHRISTMAS At Christmas, people remember when Jesus Christ was born and it is a time for buying and giving presents, and being with family. Children leave a stocking for Santa Claus and he brings presents for children during the night.


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