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Corporate Presentation Copyright © 2009 RainCreatives. All Rights Reserved.

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1 Corporate Presentation Copyright © 2009 RainCreatives. All Rights Reserved

2 Vision: To be a valuable partner for our customers and continuously provide incremental value for their growth by the way of technology. Mission: To be a leading player in technological solutions, which are both, acceptable and materialistic to organizations and individuals. We strive to excel in Development, Deployment and Maintenance of the technological solutions for our clients. Copyright © 2009 RainCreatives. All Rights Reserved

3 Web Development: Building custom web application, website designing, portal development and ecommerce sites. This enables the firms and individuals to show their presence and conduct their business transactions through their website on internet. Website Designing: Websites are known for their graphics, ease in navigation and fast loading of all the pages. We provide high quality pages behind the scene (using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and DHTML programming) and high quality graphics. We maintain consistency in designing and emphasize on websites which are fast in loading and widely accessible. Copyright © 2009 RainCreatives. All Rights Reserved

4 Joomla Development (Customization & Component Development): Expertise on Joomla customization, modification and custom component development includes various feature base applications like E-commerce shopping cart, Showcase or catalog, Recruitment or job portal, Directory, Project management, Forum, Guest book, Chat room, News, Comments and reviews, photo gallery and many more. Magento Development: Magento experience includes Magento Integration, template design, custom modules, programming, payment gateway, development and Customization of Magento Ecommerce Platform. Copyright © 2009 RainCreatives. All Rights Reserved

5 Web Hosting: Our web hosting solutions are targeting a wide spectrum; they might be a small company operating a single website or a large client maintaining multiple websites. Our featured Web Hosting Packages are available on Linux Servers and to an extend on Windows Servers either. We provide guaranteed reliability to keep your website up (90% uptime); for you to fetch the maximum online success. Migration Services: RainCreatives offers clients the services of migrating websites and technology. Our migration services enables clients to take advantage of the features and functionalities that the latest technologies have to offer. We provide services on migration from static website to dynamic website and from lower versions of PHP to PHP5 (latest). Copyright © 2009 RainCreatives. All Rights Reserved

6 Quality Assurance: Website Quality Assurance is the activity of confirming that the website is functioning properly and that the quality standards of the information and the website design are maintained. RainCreatives supports Quality Assurance by defining the Project Scope, Planning out the Project, Designing and Testing, Implementation and Regular Maintenance of the website. Support and Maintenance: Managing content/graphics and links, site verification, maintaining security issues, retaining a full backup copy of the website, communicating with the third party for payment processes, updating FAQs and Newsletter and Bug Fixing. Copyright © 2009 RainCreatives. All Rights Reserved

7 We work on 3 defined Business Models: 1) Fixed Price Model: Fixed Price Model works best for Clients with well-defined requirements and project schedules by offering them a low- risk option. In this model, when an enquiry is made, we determine the scope of work for the project. Fixed Price Model guarantees a fixed timeline and cost estimation for the project. Copyright © 2009 RainCreatives. All Rights Reserved

8 2) Time & Material Model: Time & Material Model works best for clients where scope, specification and implementation of the project are not easy to define at the outset. As the name of the model suggest, client pays us as per the hourly work efforts. Under this mode we define the business model and work hand in hand with our client for execution of end-to-end project. 3) Hire A Resource Model: In Hire A Resource Model, the client can hire web professional(s) based on his project requirement. The hiring of professional(s) can be on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Hire A Resource Model is most popular among clients, who are looking for long-term gains from offshore outsourcing. Copyright © 2009 RainCreatives. All Rights Reserved

9 RainCreatives is the provider of optimum Open source technology with primary focus in Joomla, Magento and ZenCart solutions and Graphic Designing. RainCreatives have already developed applications for Job Portals, Product Companies, Social Networking Sites, Matrimonial Sites, Automotive Industry and Health Care Industry to name a few. PHP: PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. It is a fast, server-side scripting language and is well-suited to integrating with a range of databases. Copyright © 2009 RainCreatives. All Rights Reserved

10 Joomla: Joomla is a free, PHP & MYSQL based content management system for publishing and managing the content on the website. Many aspects, including its ease of use and extensibility has made Joomla as the most popular Web site software available. Magento: Magento is a new open source ecommerce platform that aims to handle all aspects of building and maintaining an ecommerce site including shopping carts, shipping, product reviews, and much more. Its again a modular architecture. Copyright © 2009 RainCreatives. All Rights Reserved

11 ZenCart: Zen Cart is an open source online store management system. Zen Cart is PHP-based, and uses MySQL database and HTML components. Zen Cart gives a robust and customizable electronic storefront that is easy to keep updated with new features. Graphics Designing: Graphic design is a part of web designing that is used for the creation of the actual look and feel of a website. We currently use Photoshop, Dreamweaver and countless HTML and CSS editing programs for designing our websites. Copyright © 2009 RainCreatives. All Rights Reserved


13 RainCreatives Edge comprises of : - Confidentiality, Integrity & Authorization of data and resources Sharing of risk involved when the companies in trade are unknown Reduce operating cost 24x7 manned security Single Point of Contact, Clear Deliverable and Well established Copyright © 2009 RainCreatives. All Rights Reserved

14 Escalation Mechanism Professionals are process trained and understands delivery concerns Experts available on-demand Remote/ Web based secure access to project portal, issue tracker and Time / Expense systems Dedicated environment, Project monitoring tools Copyright © 2009 RainCreatives. All Rights Reserved



17 RainCreatives Mr. Kartik Trivedi A/306 Oxford Avenue, Opp: C. U. Shah College, Income Tax, Ahmedabad- 380014 Email: Tel: +91-79-40046046 International Call back Numbers: (UK): +44 20 3287 5434 (USA): +1 (603) 217-5740 Copyright © 2009 RainCreatives. All Rights Reserved

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