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Community-Based Reentry Programs Using Electronic Technology

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1 Community-Based Reentry Programs Using Electronic Technology
James Rudek Administrator of Community Corrections/Work Centers Oklahoma Department of Corrections

2 Division of Community Corrections
Community Corrections Centers (5) Community Work Centers (15) Halfway House Contracts (7) Probation and Parole

3 History Of Electronic Monitoring Programs
1993 Voice Recognition Technology 1994 RF Technology 1996 Programs Discontinued 2004 Legislative Session Passed Current Electronic Monitoring Legislation (Title 57 Section 510.9) 2007 OP DUI/EMP Policy 2011 Legislative Session Amended Legislation Expanding Electronic Monitoring

4 GPS Statute and DOC Policy Criteria (OP-06001)
Offenders are not eligible for the program if: They have any violent crimes in the last 10 years Convicted of Trafficking Denied parole within the last 12 months Required to register as a sex offender Current active Protective Order Convicted of Domestic Abuse Outstanding felony warrants or detainers Failure on past alternative incarceration programs Escapes in the past 10 years Active misconducts Deemed by DOC as a security threat

5 Eligibility and Exclusionary Criteria Statute 57 Section 612 and DOC Policy OP-061002
Must be community corrections eligible Has a current conviction (s) for a violation of 47 O.S ; driving, operating, or being in the actual physical control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substance Shall have an approved home offer Must have a viable means of transportation to and from treatment and work. Must have a working analog telephone in the residence. Cell phones are not acceptable. Has completed a Department of Mental Health Substance Abuse Services (DMHSAS) approved substance abuse treatment program prior to community supervised release. Has no more than 2200 days remaining on their sentence at the time of placement on the electronic monitoring program for DUI offenders. Placement to the program does not require verified employment, but the offender must obtain employment approved by the supervising officer within 30 days of release to the program

6 Offenders On GPS/EMP Programs:
Must have a valid approved home offer Required to obtain employment Provide their own medical care Have weekly contact with their officer Required to attend treatment and programs for assessed needs Are still classified as DOC inmates and can be returned to a DOC immediately Pay the cost for supervision

7 Comparison Cost Of Community Incarceration
Community CC $41.50 Work Centers $36.00 Halfway House $37.50 GPS Program $ 5.00

8 FY 2011 Data 949 offenders placed on GPS program
506 successfully discharged program 64 failed the program and returned to higher security 93% successfully transitioned back into the community 445 average daily count on the program 162,425 bed days saved $4.6 million in savings

9 GPS Equipment One and two piece models
Passive with capability of being active Tracks one point per minute unless in violation mode then one point per 15 seconds Web based access Unit notifies offender if they are in violation/gives instruction Officer sets curfews Inclusion/Exclusion Zones

10 GPS Vendor Provides data storage with alternative emergency backup location Provides 24 hour technical support Provides training to new officers Provides immediate and daily violation reports Notifies staff when updates are available

11 Overall Benefits Of GPS/EMP Programs
Allows offender to reconnect with family and be involved in family responsibilities Offenders are supervised in the community prior to discharge Offenders have employment prior to discharge More treatment options available in the community Offender pays for their supervision cost Offender pays for medical care Offender becomes a taxpaying citizen Cost savings to the State of Oklahoma

12 Questions

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