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Instructional Technology vs. Educational Technology

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1 Instructional Technology vs. Educational Technology
By K. Hall

2 What is Instructional Technology?
A broad term Deals with the process of using technology for instruction Describes the technologies that facilitate access to information of all types. Acquisition, processing, storage, and dissemination of information in all of its forms. Evaluation, management, and integration of instruction with tools available.

3 What do Instructional Technologists do?
Identify and analyze problems of instructional design. Devise and implement solutions to those problems. Integrate people, procedures, ideas, and devices for the purpose of providing tools which enhance the learning process.

4 What is Educational Technology?
Development of teaching and learning Applies theories of instruction, learning, behavioral and cognitive psychology to assessment, design, implementation, and evaluation of instructional material. Applies research, theory, technologies, and psychology to solve instructional and performance problems. The particular approach used to achieve the ends of education.

5 What do Educational Technologists do?
Design instruction Produce instructional materials Manage instructional computing services or learning resources collections. Apply theories of cognition and research to utilize technology for the benefit of the learner.

6 My personal definition: Instructional Technology is:
The use of technological processes as a tool specifically for teaching and learning which facilitates access to information of all types.

7 My personal definition: Educational Technology is:
The application of theory, technology, and psychology to achieve the goal of education and enhance the learning of individuals.

8 Conclusion It would seem that Instructional and Educational Technology are synonymous. The simple definition for each makes the distinction of their difference: Instructional Technology is the tool. Educational Technology is the procedure for using that tool.

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