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An update on the Central Coast Water Corporation.

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1 An update on the Central Coast Water Corporation

2 Context to Reform on the Central Coast 1977 Agreement to share bulk water supply Joint Council & State Government committee State Government reviews 1993Gosford-Wyong Councils Water Authority 2004 Government requests review of institutional arrangement

3 Review of Institutional Arrangements Models for emerging commercial & regulatory expectations Councils engaged PwC What was best for community Legally separate corporation – Improve the delivery of water & wastewater services to the community – Enhance the sustainability of the Councils – Create an organisation with focus on commercial & regulatory requirements – Council/community ownership of assets, employment & strategic direction

4 Corporate Models Corporations under Local Government Act – Subject to Commonwealth Corporations Act – Taxation – Industrial relations Statutory corporation – State owned corporation model – Exempt from certain Commonwealth Corporations Act

5 Central Coast Water Corporation Act 2006 Statutory corporation Equal social, environmental & commercial objectives Owned in equal shares by Councils Governed by a majority independent board Any profits returned to community through Councils Independent price & service level regulation

6 Concerns with CCWC Act Control over timing of staff & asset transfers Scope of asset transfers Memorandum of Understanding – Amendments to Act – Est within 90 days of amendments – 5 stage approach subject to CBA

7 Implementation - Project Dimensions Institutional Developing legal instruments & a business framework to create a resilient & successful organisation for the community & shareholders Change Management Winning the hearts & minds of the people, our most valuable assets

8 Implementation – Institutional Key Instruments – Constitution – Voting Shareholders Agreement – Service Level & Funding Agreement – Joint Works Agreement Appointment of Board Dissolution of Gosford-Wyong Councils Water Authority

9 Implementation – Institutional Cost Benefit Analysis Financial implications of Staged vs Full transfer Alternative arrangements Options Integrated CCWC + Joint Services Business (JSB) All water & wastewater functions, assets & resources transferred JSB provides all corporate services to CCWC & Councils Integrated CCWC (Long term lease) + JSB Plus Councils lease the assets to the CCWC under a commercial agreement

10 Implementation- Change Management The Councils overall program objectives are: – Maximise benefits for staff, residents & businesses – Maintain job security & continuity for all permanent Award Staff – Long term service improvements by changing the way we do business – To protect & ensure the safety of staff & the community at all times

11 Implementation - Change Management Cross Council Reference Group Staff & union representation Communication Strategy Road shows Intranet Transparent & open

12 Implementation - Project Governance Project Steering Group Project Management Office Cross Council Working Groups – Water & Sewer – Financial – Information Technology – Human Resources – Fleet

13 Current Situation IPART Determination Independent Local Government Review Panel Change of Councils & management

14 Observations It is HARD! Lessons – Agree & understand the intent, purpose & vision – Agree & commit the resourcing requirements – Agree the risk appetite & develop a robust business plan for the establishment & delivery of the service – Agree the most appropriate service delivery model, governance & management structure

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