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Assessment Committee Panel Discussion Facilitator: Sarah Thomason, Chair August 24, 2009.

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1 Assessment Committee Panel Discussion Facilitator: Sarah Thomason, Chair August 24, 2009

2 Assessment Committee Bruce Fisher: Professor of Biology Dan Foltz-Gray: Associate Professor of English Ben King: Assistant Professor of Mathematics Lauri Sammartano: Associate Professor of Biology Diane Ward: Associate Professor of Education Karen Brunner: Assistant VP, Institutional Effectiveness and Research Kristi Roberson-Scott: Director, Institutional Research

3 Topic Identification Grounded in institutional mission Data-driven picture of our students Participation of constituencies in service area

4 Process to Identify the Topic Summer 2007 Began initial research of institutional data Reviewed Roane States mission Reviewed articles pertaining to the current climate of student learning. Devised a process for gathering broad-based input from various constituencies

5 Fall 2007-Summer 2008 faculty forums advisory board meetings faculty survey student survey development team sub-committees conducted lit reviews and studied best practices Faculty summer committee

6 Fall 2008 Eleven faculty division meetings held in which initiatives were discussed and faculty interest sheets were distributed Three core learning concepts emerged: read to understand, listen actively, organize for effectiveness Gateway courses identified

7 Spring and Summer 2009 Assessment Draft document Final document

8 Assessment Critical aspect of SACS evaluation Desire to improve student performance Research-based strategies Link to the QEPs 3 student learning outcomes Direct and indirect assessment Formative and summative assessment

9 Committees Work Select 2 learning strategies each: 3 concepts Create rubrics Rubrics Assess students skill in the concept Assess students skill with the strategy

10 Read to Understand: 2 strategies Generating questions: requiring the student to develop questions from an assigned reading and to answer the questions Graphic representations: requiring the student to construct a visual representation of the concepts within an assignment, e.g., comparison chart, flow chart, timeline

11 The Frayer Vocabulary Model The model requires the student to analyze and synthesize the concept behind the word by: Defining the word, Describing its essential characteristics, Providing examples of the idea, and Offering non-examples of the idea. From Signs of Student Success: The Content Literate Classroom. Presented Dec. 06 SACS

12 Non-Examples Facts/Characteristics Total measure of all the angles is 360 degrees Sides can be parallel or congruent but do not have to be Definition a shape that has four sides Examples Quadrilateral

13 What will the teacher do? Select a strategy from among 6 Teach the strategy Assign the strategy Assess the skill and the strategy

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