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Indigenous Employment Program. What is the Indigenous Employment Program?

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1 Indigenous Employment Program

2 What is the Indigenous Employment Program?

3 Indigenous Employment Program (IEP) The aim of to increase Indigenous Australians employment outcomes and participation in economic activities, contributing to the Governments commitment to halving the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous employment outcomes within a decade

4 IEP For the Australian Government, IEP provides: – Direct engagement with Indigenous people – Capacity to target investment – Opportunity to provide leadership in engaging with Indigenous people across the State

5 Indigenous Employment Program Key Aims The IEP supports a broad range of activities that are responsive to the needs of employers, Indigenous Australians and their communities. Support is available for activities that help to achieve the objective of the IEP and that offer value for money. These could include activities that will: – encourage and support employers to provide sustainable employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians; – encourage and support Indigenous Australians to take up training and employment opportunities, stay in jobs and enhance their future employment prospects; – assist Indigenous communities, industry bodies and groups of employers to develop Indigenous workforce and economic development strategies that support local and regional economic growth; or – assist Indigenous Australians to develop sustainable businesses and economic opportunities in urban, regional and remote areas.

6 Indigenous Employment Program (IEP) IEP focuses on employment outcomes complements other Government programs emphasises collaboration, not competition or duplication

7 IEP for Employers How can the Indigenous Employment Program help employers find and keep Indigenous staff?

8 What is IEP Funding available for? Assistance and support may be available to: develop an Indigenous employment strategy conduct training and work familiarisation courses for current and potential Indigenous employees provide on the job training and up skilling for potential and current employees provide traineeships, cadetships and apprenticeships provide accredited language, literacy and numeracy training provide mentoring support and career guidance contribute to the costs of employment through a wage subsidy (not 100%)

9 IEP costs do not generally include 100% wage subsidy for a position Items funded through another program Projects that incur a cost to participants Purchase of assets Overseas travel, training or conferences Normal business set up or running costs (wages, vehicles raw equipment etc)

10 Accessing IEP Funding Eligibility – for employers IEP Panel – Employment Panel Economic Development and Business Support Panel Direct Funding

11 Access to IEP assistance CLIENTS Predesigned packages: Indigenous Wage Subsidy; Indigenous Cadetships; CDEP Work Experience Subsidy IEP Panel members 342 Organisations on the Employment Panel 265 on the Economic Development and Business Support Panel Directly negotiated tailored assistance, generally with employers or Indigenous businesses Via DEEWR

12 The IEP Panel IEP funding is competitive Panel Members not guaranteed business Panel Member and Program Guidelines Existing Relationship with DEEWR Assessed as having expertise in Indigenous Employment or Business Development

13 IEP Panel Services 2 Panels – Employment and Economic Development and Business Support Panel Approx 340 Organisations on Employment Panel Can provide services Australia-wide Current Request for Tender Process being conducted – additional Panel Members from March 2012

14 IEP Employment Panel Services IEP Providers have the proven ability to: Equip employers with skills, knowledge and expertise to provide sustainable employment outcomes Prepare Indigenous Australians to take up training and employment, stay in jobs and enhance their future employment prospects

15 Direct Employment Direct contract with DEEWR For business with expertise in recruiting and engaging with Indigenous workers Service Timeline for non-panel members Use application form on website

16 Further information Guidelines, Contact details and Panel Member Information available at: /IEP/Pages/InformationforEmployers.aspx

17 Key areas for employers to consider before applying for support under the Indigenous Employment Program

18 Benefits of Employing Indigenous People New Market Opportunities Introduction of Diversity – new perspectives and creative thinking Development of a stable and dedicated local workforce – particularly Regional Qld Positive Relationships with a future Workforce – changing demographics

19 Successful IEP Projects need Employer engagement and commitment

20 Key Determinants of successful projects Project design Meets the needs of employers and participants and community Recruitment The right people, the right employer and the right job Training Pre- Employment, Accredited/Non Accredited Training and Workplace Literacy and Numeracy (WELL) Employment Outcomes Commitment from employers Intensive Mentoring and Coaching Specific and tailored mentoring, overcoming barriers and building individual capability

21 Which Model? IEP Panel Member or Direct Employment? Organisational Capacity Organisational Commitment

22 DEEWR Considerations in Assessing IEP Proposals Funding for projects is merit – based and competitive so we look at: Funding priorities (incl skills in demand) Individual needs Community needs and support Employer demand and commitment

23 Considerations in Assessing IEP Proposals (cont) Job seeker availability Sustainability Opportunities for economic development Value for Money

24 Assessment Criteria Contribute to the IEP Objective Value for money Realistic and achievable outcomes Outcome for local community

25 Successful Projects Apprenticeships and traineeships Construction Mining Wine and Tourism Horticulture Administration Art Administration Retail

26 Partnering with the Australian Government

27 Our Role We see our role as facilitating opportunities for Indigenous job seekers We have successfully collaborated with a number of employers across Australia Sharing expertise and resources benefits job seekers and employers We can link employers/panel members with other programs to maximise effectiveness (eg WELL)

28 We have Regional Offices in Toowoomba, Gympie, Rockhampton, Townsville, Mackay and Cairns Staff with experience in Indigenous Employment Over 130 current IEP projects across the state

29 IEP Projects IEP funding is allocated on a project basis. Each project is individually negotiated and designed to address the requirements of the industry/employer/job seeker. Projects can include costs for: Project Co-ordination Training Licences Mentoring Costs cannot be duplicated

30 Contracting Contracts are generally outcome based Individually negotiated – all contracts are different Support for administrative staff Contract manager allocation – to provide guidance

31 Examples of successful collaborations with business ISS Facility Services Energex Thiess Intercontinental Hotels Group Sovereign Energy

32 We have a number of Employers presenting at the conference who have successfully implemented IEP Projects with excellent results We also have IEP Panel Members who will also be presenting on strategies for successfully engaging with Indigenous Australians and sharing their experiences

33 Case Study ISS Facility Services The Challenge – improve retention rates and provide long term careers in the Airport Security industry Involves identifying, training and mentoring

34 Contact Details Ipswich/Logan/Gold Coast – Angela Young (07)3223 1317 Sunshine Coast/Gympie/Wide Bay Burnett - Sharon Brown (07)3223 1306 Caboolture/North Brisbane/South Brisbane – Garry Nelson (07)3223 1353

35 Questions

36 Further Information Indigenous Employment Line on 1802 102 Guidelines - /Programs/IEP/Pages/InformationforBusiness.aspx Mailbox –


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