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Amatrol - Electro-Mechanical and Fanuc Robotics Integration

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1 Amatrol - Electro-Mechanical and Fanuc Robotics Integration
LAB Midwest, Corp.

2 Our Partners LAB Midwest, Corp.

3 Electro-Mechanical Overview
What is Mechatronics? Electronics Fluid Power PLCs Motor Control Mechanical Drives LAB Midwest, Corp.

4 Electro-Mechanical Overview
The key to mechatronics: Integration of systems LAB Midwest, Corp.

5 Mechatronics - Amatrol
LAB Midwest, Corp.

6 Amatrol LAB Midwest, Corp.

7 Mechanical Drives Systems Trainer
Amatrol Mechanical Drives Systems Trainer LAB Midwest, Corp.

8 Amatrol Laser Alignment Vibration Analysis LAB Midwest, Corp.

9 Amatrol Multimedia Amatrol multimedia software is skills-based and provides a complete learning experience for the student with theory presentation and optional hands-on exercises to enable students to actually practice the skills presented in the theory. LAB Midwest, Corp.

10 Amatrol Virtual Simulators
Amatrol has developed realistic virtual simulators that allow learners to interact with the simulator in the same way they would interact with real equipment. LAB Midwest, Corp.

11 Amatrol Reference Guides
Amatrol’s Student Reference Guides contain all of a course’s technical content in a concise, handy printed format, making them the perfect student takeaway. Student Reference Guides supplement the eLearning courses by providing a condensed, inexpensive reference tool that students will find invaluable once they finish their training. LAB Midwest, Corp.

12 Key Area in Mechatronics:
Robotics LAB Midwest, Corp.

13 Mechatronics LAB Midwest, Corp.

14 Amatrol Mechatronics INVENTORY FEED STATION LAB Midwest, Corp.

15 Amatrol Mechatronics GAUGING STATION LAB Midwest, Corp.

16 Amatrol Mechatronics ORIENTATION-PROCESSING STATION LAB Midwest, Corp.

17 Amatrol Mechatronics SORTING-BUFFERING STATION LAB Midwest, Corp.

18 Amatrol Mechatronics ROBOTIC ASSEMBLY STATION LAB Midwest, Corp.

19 Amatrol Mechatronics TORQUING STATION LAB Midwest, Corp.

20 Amatrol Mechatronics INVENTORY STORAGE STATION LAB Midwest, Corp.

21 Amatrol Mechatronics LAB Midwest, Corp.

22 Amatrol & Fanuc LAB Midwest, Corp.

23 FANUC Robots FANUC robots are in over 60% of manufacturing facilities in the US and have over 250,000 robots installed worldwide. LAB Midwest, Corp.

24 FANUC CERT FANUC has created the Certified Education Robot Training or CERT Program. LAB Midwest, Corp.

25 FANUC CERT CERT is a way to balance academic curriculum requirements with relevant technical career education. LAB Midwest, Corp.

26 Learn basic robot training with eLEARN, an online training program.
CERT Training Learn basic robot training with eLEARN, an online training program. LAB Midwest, Corp.

27 CERT Training Program a robot with ROBOGUIDE®, a fully operational version of FANUC Robotics’ own industrial simulation software. ROBOGUIDE allows students to program a virtual robot, load that program onto the real robot and see the robot perform its assigned tasks. LAB Midwest, Corp.

28 FANUC iRVision LAB Midwest, Corp.

29 Madison Area Technical College
LAB Midwest, Corp.

30 FANUC CNC LAB Midwest, Corp.


32 LAB Midwest Contact Information Phone: LAB Midwest, Corp.

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