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How To Get To The Winners Circle with Your Patient Portal; Our Challenges To Get To The Finish Line. Julie Patterson, Baptist Health Carey Ronan, MHA,

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1 How To Get To The Winners Circle with Your Patient Portal; Our Challenges To Get To The Finish Line. Julie Patterson, Baptist Health Carey Ronan, MHA, CCS, Baptist Health

2 The Race to Implement Patient Portal Study the Program Call to the Post Starting Gate First Turn Down the Stretch Finish Line Winners Circle Questions/Discussion Agenda

3 Gives the patients timely and direct access to their electronically store health information Engages patients in their healthcare by letting them review results, upload their own health documents, record their health history, manage chronic illnesses and communicate with providers. A little thing called Meaningful Use The Race to Implement a Patient Portal

4 Study the Program- MU 2 Measure

5 Objective Provide patients the ability to view online, download, and transmit information about a hospital admission. Measure More than 50 percent of all unique patients discharged from the inpatient or emergency departments of the eligible hospital or CAH (POS 21 or 23) during the EHR reporting period have their information available online within 36 hours of discharge. More than 5 percent of all patients (or their authorized representatives) who are discharged from the inpatient or emergency department (POS 21 or 23) of an eligible hospital or CAH view, download or transmit to a third party their information during the EHR reporting period. MU Stage 2 Measure 6 for Eligible Hospitals – Personal Health Record

6 Information required in Patient Portal: Admit and discharge date and location. Reason for hospitalization. Care team including the attending of record as well as other providers of care. Procedures performed during admission. Current and past problem list. Current medication list and medication history. Current medication allergy list and medication allergy history. Vital signs at discharge. Laboratory test results. Summary of care record for transitions of care or referrals to another provider. Care plan field(s), including goals and instructions. Discharge instructions for patient. Demographics maintained by hospital (sex, race, ethnicity, date of birth, preferred language). Smoking status. MU Stage 2 Measure 6 for Eligible Hospitals – Personal Health Record

7 Call to the Post- Planning

8 MU steering committee Creation of PHR subcommittee Who should be on Subcommittee? Identify stakeholders within organization Planning

9 Starting Gate

10 Health Information Management Patient Registration Discharge Planning Case Management Physicians Hospital Directors/Nursing Legal/Compliance Planning Marketing HR Starting Gate- All the horses in the Race

11 HIM – define workflow, become PHR experts Patient Access – how to encourage and invite patients to the PHR, recording email address Discharge Planning – how to make sure patients are educated on using the PHR, distributing the marketing material Marketing – designing your brand/logo, developing a marketing plan, patient education material Starting Gate – The Race Favorites

12 First Turn - Deciding how to navigate and win the race

13 Notice of Privacy Practices updated to notify patients about HIE Compliance agreed PHR will be Opt-Out model (Opt-Out process to be defined) E-mail address will be captured in registration process to allow invitations to the PHR to be sent to patients Release of Results – when PHR is launched and patients sign on, results will be available in patient chart 36 hours after discharge. We need to ensure physicians are aware of this. Hospital workflow design and education – Clinical Informatics Team MU2 leads are helping give direction on how to engage departments who will be involved in getting patients signed on to PHR (registration, discharge planning, etc). Marketing campaign for the system Employee Education Physician Education Key Decisions

14 Down the Stretch - Challenges

15 Vendor Challenges Software ready? MU 2 version? Resources: Can your vendor meet your time frame? Is your vendor spread too thin? Changing specifications Scope creep More governmental changes in MU 2 that could require additional software development and deployment Vendor Challenges

16 Concerns from physicians (remember you have different types of physicians to consider – in house, employed, affiliated, referring…..) The possibility that their patients will see results before the physician has time to review. Patient anxiety increasing More phone calls to the practice Concerns about integrity of the data. (Is the med list accurate? Are the patient problems being maintained?) Getting your physicians to agree on what results can be released to patients while also meeting the MU 2 requirements. Physicians understanding the difference in MU 2 requirements for the eligible hospital (EH) versus the eligible provider (EP). Physician Challenges

17 How to educate your patients How to deal with patients that are unsure about the security of the data Recent Target data breach Concern about insurance companies and employers having more health information available to them How will you meet your MU metrics of 5 % participation from your Inpatients and ED patients during Attestation Patient Challenges

18 How will you educate all your employees on the PHR? Defining the roles and responsibilities for all the stakeholders. What other big initiatives/projects are happening at the same time? (ICD-10, other Implementations…) Struggle with capturing email address from patients. Staff and resource constraints. Operational Challenges

19 Finish Line

20 Plan, plan, plan, communicate, communicate, communicate! Having a trial period – can you launch your PHR before your Attestation period starts? Giving you time to better define your workflow and get answers to common problems and questions. Scripting the dialogue to your patients so the message is always the same. Having your websites and marketing materials ready. Having HIM ready to field the employee and patient questions. Knowing how you will measure success. How can you see that you are meeting the 5 % MU measure? Do you have a report or scorecard? If you arent meeting the measure, how will you promote and encourage patient adoption to hit your 5 % measure? Finish Line – Launching your PHR

21 Winners Circle!!!

22 Knowing that your patients are engaged in their own care and you will meet your 5 % measure for your 90 day Attestation period. This is just a beginning…like the first leg of the Triple Crown….there will be more races to come for the PHR as this tool evolves. More types of data will be available for the patient, there will be more integration with other health providers, there will be messaging capabilities to enable to allow patients to communicate online with their care providers……… Winners Circle – Whats Next?

23 Questions/Discussion

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