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Occupational, Safety, Health & Environment Unit (OSHEU) Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness.

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1 Occupational, Safety, Health & Environment Unit (OSHEU) Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness

2 Emergency Contact Telephone 999 or 3333

3 What is Health and Safety? Health and safety is concerned about the risks people face at work – that includes people who may be harmed by the way work is done (hazard). It is also concerned with the way work affects the environment.

4 Basis for Health & Safety Common Sense No one wants an accident at work Legal Requirement Duty of Care Health & Safety at Work Act, 1974

5 The University must provide: Healthy and safe working environment Healthy and safe systems of work Safe plant, machinery and equipment Safe handling, storing & transporting goods Safe access and egress Adequate instruction and training Adequate supervision The Universitys Duty of Care

6 You must :- take reasonable care for the health and safety of yourself and of others who may be affected by what you do or dont do at work, co-operate with university in meeting its statutory safety requirements Your Duty of Care

7 You may be required to complete a risk assessment regarding the hazards in your work place. Ensure that it is communicated and understood by interested parties. Appropriate forms and guidance are available on the OSHEU section of the University website. Risk Assessment

8 There are many potential hazards at work

9 First Aid Arrangements nEnsure you know what arrangements are in place for First Aid in your Department nKnow where Occupational Health Service is located

10 What is Violence? Any incident in which a person working in the healthcare sector is verbally abused, threatened or assaulted by a patient or member of the public in circumstances relating to his or her employment Based on HSEs definition of work related violence

11 Manual Handling nManual handling injuries, particularly to nurses, are the main type of injury in health care work and also the biggest source of claims. n40% of all ill health conditions caused by work were musculo skeletal nIn the NHS the risk of a musculo skeletal condition was found to be 2.5 times higher

12 Incident Reporting nThe University needs to know about all work related accidents, diseases, untoward occurrences and student incidents. nAdvice can then be provided on preventative action to reduce injury, ill health, clinical incidents and accidental loss, much of which is uninsurable.

13 Lone Worker Guidance for Lone Research students / Field researchers Risk Assessment Control measures Contact and supervision Emergencies Incident reporting

14 Please return any outstanding health questionnaires to Occupational Health (OH) Familiarise yourself with the areas where you will be working – means of escape etc. Your School / Directorate is responsible for undertaking your health and safety induction Follow all policies, procedures and instructions Ensure appropriate risk assessments are in place Report accidents, incidents or near misses Please report any health concerns to OH Your Responsibilities

15 How to contact OSHEU Cathays Park Campus; 47 Park Place, Safety, Health and Environment: Extensions: 74910/74790 Occupational Health: Extension: 74180 General email:

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