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NATURAL GAS: The Next Step Emily Fisher Special Projects Coordinator.

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1 NATURAL GAS: The Next Step Emily Fisher Special Projects Coordinator

2 Where does a homeowner go from here?


4 Summit will begin to construct the mainline in May. Service lines to homes will begin to be installed later in the year. Summit representatives will be going door-to- door in our community to sign up interested residents very soon. Neighborhood meetings will be held at the end of May where local contractors, Summit, Atlantic Regional Federal Credit Union, and Efficiency Maine will be present to answer questions. Update on the Natural Gas Project

5 The Cost to Convert $7,000+$4,000-$7,000 $2,500-$3,000 replacing burner in current system new chimney lining replacing entire system new boiler, furnace, or wall hung unit new chimney lining replacing entire system more elaborate heating system new chimney lining other code compliance issues

6 Chimney Linings Oil Tank Removal Furnace Possible Additional Costs Ask your contractor. Electrical Code Compliance Natural Gas Detector

7 An Average Home Owners Savings Natural Gas Annual Cost of Natural Gas : $2,100 120 decatherms Oil Annual Cost of Oil : $3,230 850 gallons Average annual savings approximately $1,130 per year ($94 per month)

8 Contact a licensed contractor for an estimate The contractor will do an initial internal site inspection at your home to determine: – whether you need to update your current system or replace it – the cost of conversion – code compliance/additional updates that need to be made * A list of contractors is available on the town website and will be updated regularly* 1 Estimates range from: $0 - $100 *Ask contractor before scheduling*

9 Sign the contract Signing the contract triggers eligibility for Summits rebate program. Sign Up with Summit Natural Gas 2

10 Call an Efficiency Maine approved contractor to perform an energy audit on your home. Visit this website (or the town website) to find a licensed contractor in Cumberland: An energy audit will determine the energy efficiency of your home. Energy audits will be covered up to $560 (with audit and air sealing) or up to $375 (audit only) under Summits rebate program. Additional rebates may be available through Efficiency Maine. Contact an Energy Advisor to Perform an Energy Audit 3

11 Summit offers its customers a rebate program that will cover up to $1,500 of conversion costs. For more information on Summits Rebate program, check out the Natural Gas Page on the Town Website. Since the money is out of pocket, here are a few finance options to make the switch possible: Finance Options 4 HEWE-Atlantic Regional Federal Credit Union Pace Loan

12 Rebate Program Summit offers a rebate of up to $1,500. - This depends on the efficiency of your system. Efficiency Maine may also offer additional rebate incentives.

13 While you are waiting for natural gas… 5 You will continue to use your current system until natural gas begins to flow on your street. Once natural gas service line and meter are installed outside of your home, contact your contractor to convert your home heating system to one that is natural gas burning.

14 Our Communication Approach

15 1 st Resident Handout

16 2 nd Resident Handout This will be sent out by the week of February 1st.

17 Social Media Approach Facebook Natural Gas Project: Cumberland, Maine Twitter @CumberlandNG Updates, maps, and photos from last summer have been posted to these sites to keep the public informed.

18 Facebook

19 Twitter

20 Once youve decided to convert… 1. Go to Town Website & click on Natural Gas. 2. Schedule an estimate with a contractor. 3.Sign up with Summit. 4.Schedule an energy audit with a contractor. 5. Consider financing options. 6. Wait for natural gas to become available on your street.

21 Contact Information Any questions? Contact: Eliza Porter Emily Fisher Also Visit our Facebook and Twitter Pages:

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