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Computer History Timeline Computer History Timeline

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1 Computer History Timeline Computer History Timeline

2 The Computer-Key Developments Abacus-calculating device(3000BC)

3 Abacus- Is an ancient calculating device. First man made computing device. Is still being used in China, Russia and the Far-east countries for calculations.

4 Pascaline-mechanical adding machine(1642)

5 Pascaline- is a desktop mechanical adding machine. This was developed by Blaise Pascal.

6 Punched cards-data storage(1800s)

7 Punched cards- A card punched with holes in certain places that a computer can read data coded from the combination of holes. This was first used by Joseph Jacquard to automate his weaving factory.

8 Babbage-Analytical engine(1830s) Free tutorials

9 Analytical Engine- This was invented by Charles Babbage who is known as “the father of computers”. Designed to store one thousand 50 digit numbers for calculations and decisions.

10 Hollerith - Tabulating machine(1890s)

11 Tabulating machine- This was invented by Herman Hollerith to tabulate1890 US census (Poll) data. It was electrically powered and, used punched cards. Free tutorials and Free Courses

12 Mark i-General purpose computer(1944)

13 Mark i- This was invented in 1944 by Dr.Howard Aiken. The idea is based on programmable, general purpose computer.

14 ENIAC-Electronic computer(1946)

15 ENIAC- In 1946 John Mauchly and J.Presper Eckert introduced the ENIAC as an electronic computing machine.

16 UNIVAC- US Census Department(1951)

17 UNIVAC-(UNIVAC-i) It was developed and this is the first commercial computer which got large amount of public attention. UNIVAC Programming Team

18 EDVAC (Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer) Stored Program Concept(1951)

19 IBM-701(1953)

20 Apple II- First personnel computer(1977)

21 IBM-PC (1981)

22 Portable computers(1987)

23 Multimedia Desktop Computers (199……) Free tutorials and Free Courses

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