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Food, Food, Food is the Word

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1 Food, Food, Food is the Word
The Digestive System Food, Food, Food is the Word

2 Function To break down food into smaller molecules (nutrients) that the body can use Carbohydrates  Simple Sugars Proteins  Amino Acids Fats  Glycerol and Fatty Acids To get rid of solid wastes that remain after nutrients have been extracted

3 Types of Digestion Mechanical: PHYSICAL breakdown of food EX. Chewing
Chemical: CHEMICAL breakdown of food by enzymes or other digestive juices EX: Amylase found in saliva breaks down Carbs

4 The Path of Digestion Mouth Esophagus Stomach Small Intestine
Large Intestine Accessory Organs Pancreas Liver Gall Bladder

5 Path of Digestion: Mouth
Begins the breakdown of food Types of Digestion: Mechanical: Chewing (Teeth and Tongue) Chemical: Saliva that contains enzymes Molecules that are digested: Carbohydrates (Enzyme = Amylase) Swallowing Animation

6 Path of Digestion: Esophagus
Brings food from mouth to stomach Food is now called a BOLUS Epiglottis: Flap of tissue at back of throat that prevents food from entering the wind-pipe Peristalsis: Wave-like contractions that move bolus to stomach Click Here for animation

7 Path of Digestion: Stomach
Further breaks down bolus for nutrient extraction Types of Digestion: Chemical Digestion: Gastric juices (VERY ACIDIC) containing enzymes breakdown: Continued digestion of Carbohydrates First PROTEIN digestion Mechanical Digestion: Churn, Churn, Churn! Bolus turned to CHYME

8 Path of Digestion: Small Intestine
Further breaks down chyme for nutrient absorption by blood stream S.I. lined with tiny projections called VILLI Villi contain capillaries that absorb nutrients into blood stream Nutrients move into blood stream by what process (Think H to L!)? DIFFUSION!!!!!!!!! Type of digestion: Chemical Only: Continued digestion of Carbohydrates Continued digestion of Proteins First FAT digestion

9 Helper Organs: The Video Clip

10 Helper (Accessory) Organs
Food DOES NOT pass through these organs These organs secrete substances to aid in digestion Pancreas: Secretes enzymes into S.I for digestion Secretes a base into S.I. to neutralize stomach acid WHY?? So digestive enzymes aren’t denatured and can work! Liver: Produces and secretes BILE that breaks down fats Gall Bladder: Stores the bile

11 Path of Digestion: Large Intestine
Removes WATER from undigested chyme Lined with bacteria (E. coli) Proper water absorption is necessary to keep you regular! Not enough water absorbed = DIARRHEA Too much water absorbed = CONSTIPATION Final stop for undigested material…the anus!

12 Digestive System Fill-In

13 Digestive System Fill-In Answers

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