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Making Inferences. How does she feel? How do you know?

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1 Making Inferences

2 How does she feel? How do you know?

3 How does he feel? How do you know?

4 How does he feel? How do you know?

5 How do you make inferences? You make an inference when you use clues from the story plus your prior knowledge to figure out something that the author doesn't tell you. what you know + author clues = inference

6 When is it happening? I jumped out of bed, threw on my bathing suit and grabbed my flip flops and headed out to the pool. Dad was already out there eating breakfast. Later in the day, mom gave us some ice cream cones. They melted fast. daytime/summer daytime/winter nighttime/summer nighttime/winter

7 When is it happening? My mother told me that I had to take out the trash. I put on my coat and mittens and grabbed a flashlight. I flipped on the porch light and headed out to put the trash bags at the curb. daytime/summer daytime/winter nighttime/summer nighttime/winter

8 When is it happening? After school, my brother and I put on our boots, hat, and gloves and went outside to build a snowman. We had a snowball fight, too. After a while, we went in and had some hot chocolate that my mom made. daytime/summer daytime/winter nighttime/summer nighttime/winter

9 Who am I? I begin the day with my small tools to clean my patients teeth. I placed the paper bib on her and shined a light down so I could see. I found one cavity! After all the teeth were cleaned, I gave her a toothbrush. cashier clown teacher dentist

10 Who am I? I put on my white shirt and begin chopping carrots. Behind me is a pot of boiling broth. I choose some nice herbs and chop them to place into the soup. When it is done, I pour a bowl of hot soup and hand it to the waiter. teacher police officer chef actor

11 Who am I? Today has been very busy. I replaced a knee and set a broken arm into a cast. Now, I am examining a patient with a sore leg. He may need some medicine. Later, I take off my white coat and stethoscope and relax. farmer doctor police officer dentist

12 What can you infer? Joe was very tired when he got home from school. He decided to take a nap. When he woke up the sun was shining. He could hear roosters crowing and smelled bacon cooking in the kitchen. He walked slowly into the kitchen and asked his mother, "What time is it?" What time did he wake up? Noon Midnight 7:00 in the morning 7:00 in the afternoon

13 The night was very dark. Charlie and Ted were sitting by the fire and toasting marshmallows. They had set-up their tent that afternoon. Suddenly, Ted heard a noise. Charlie heard it, too. It said, "Hoot, hoot!" It was coming from the tree over the tent. The boys threw down their marshmallows and ran all the way home. Why did the boys run home? They needed to get more marshmallows. It was going to rain and they didn't want to get wet. They needed to get a flashlight. The boys were afraid of the noise they heard.

14 Jeff filled up a big bowl with fresh, cold water and set it on the floor. He brought out a big blanket and put it on the floor next to the low window. He opened a package and took out a big bone and placed it on the floor next to the blanket. Then he opened the window so that the gentle breeze could blow into the room. What was Jeff doing? He was getting ready for a camping trip. He was cleaning out the closet. He was getting things ready for his dog. He was trying to cool off the room.

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