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You And Your Teeth Let’s go!.

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1 You And Your Teeth Let’s go!

2 MENU My Teeth Taking Care of My Teeth Animal Teeth Quiz and Games

3 Most babies don’t have any teeth.

4 Adults have 32 teeth!

5 There are different kinds of teeth.

6 There are 8 INCISORS in front for biting.

7 There are 4 pointed CANINES for tearing food.

8 There are 8 premolars.

9 We also have MOLARS for grinding food.

10 Teeth have different parts.

11 Pulp Enamel Gum Bone

12 Brushing and flossing keep teeth healthy.

13 You should brush your teeth at least 2 times a day.

14 Brush for 2 minutes!

15 Eating good foods keep teeth healthy.

16 Going to the dentist helps make sure teeth stay healthy.

17 The dentist uses special tools.

18 The dentist can clean teeth, x-ray and check for cavities.
Click here to see an x-ray!

19 Cavities are holes that can form in our teeth.

20 Germs in our mouth eat sugar.

21 The germs make acid that forms cavities.
Click here to see a cavity!

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23 Don’t let this happen to YOUR teeth…

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25 Eat healthy foods to keep healthy teeth!

26 Animal teeth are different than ours!

27 Beavers cut trees with their teeth!

28 Beavers can cut through a small tree in 15 minutes!

29 Sharks have many rows of teeth.

30 If they lose a tooth, they get a new one!

31 Mice have teeth that are always growing.


33 How many teeth do adults have?
32 16

34 32 GREAT JOB!! Next question…

35 Oops! Try Again!

36 How many times should you brush every day?
1 2 or more

37 2 or more GREAT JOB!! Next question…

38 Oops! Try Again!

39 Pick the best food for your teeth.
Cheese M&Ms

40 Cheese GREAT JOB!! Go Play Some Games!!

41 Oops! Try Again!

42 Click here to play games!
Back to menu Click here to play games! Click here for writing work…

43 CITATIONS: Inside Your Mouth: A Book About Dental Care, Linda Beech, Joel Schick, 1994 Images By:,

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