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Teeth and healthy eating

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1 Teeth and healthy eating

2 There are four different types of teeth.
Incisors and canines molar pre molar Teeth are made from a hard substance called enamel

3 What do the different teeth do?
incisors canines cut tear pre molars molars chew rip

4 How can I look after my teeth?
Brush your teeth twice a day Try not to eat too many sweets Visit the dentist twice a year

5 What foods are good for our teeth?

6 Foods that cause tooth decay

7 How are cavities caused?
Bacteria causes a build up of plaque. The tooth eventually rots away Plaque acid attacks the tooth

8 What are the parts of a tooth?

9 So what do I do to keep my teeth healthy?
Floss Brush regularly Visit the dentist Eat sensibly Look after your gums

10 Thank you for watching our presentation

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