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Or: Another Tool For Brainstorming. The students will use a graphic organizer to plan an essay The students will use the information from the graphic.

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1 Or: Another Tool For Brainstorming

2 The students will use a graphic organizer to plan an essay The students will use the information from the graphic organizer to write a new essay The students will learn about the four basic essay types

3 There are four essay types that we will use in our class You will be expected to submit at least one essay of each type over the course of the year

4 A Narrative Essay tells a story The writer writes from a real-life experience The writer tries to involve the reader by making the story as vivid as possible It is written from the first person (uses I, me, etc.) It should build up towards a conclusion or a personal statement

5 It was a night that I will not forget any time soon. My softball team was in a heated battle with our opponents as we traded blows, back and forth, knowing that the loser was out of the tournament. Although we started the game strong and built a comfortable lead, that was washed away within minutes by a series of defensive errors. As the pitcher, I could only watch my teammates in horror as they dropped what were routine outs. I tried to smile and shrug it off, but deep inside, it bothered me immensely. I wanted to win. I hate losing. I hate losing when we should win. And there we were, in our last inning. Losing.

6 Similar to a narrative essay, this essay paints a picture with words The writer may describe a person, place, object, or even a memory of significance The essay tried to tell a deeper meaning through the description The writer shows, not tells, through the use of colorful words and sensory details

7 Although it was early evening, the sun beat down on the field and did its part to contribute to the already tanned skin of the players. Time was of the essence. His heart raced as he thought about what once was. What was once a comfortable lead quickly vanished, and after several miscues from the defense, the team was looking at a mountain that they had never before overcome. A two-run deficit had never before seemed so seemingly insurmountable. After taking stock of the situation, he grabbed one of the bats and held it in his hands. The 28- ounce piece of metal seemed so light as the adrenaline coursed through his veins. The bat whipped through the air as he waited his turn to take a hack at the bright yellow, leather-covered softball. Deep breaths slowed his heart rate down as he watched the situation before him.

8 This essay presents a balanced analysis of the topic It contains just the facts – no opinion This includes compare/contrast essays, cause and effect essays, and how to essays Since it contains no opinion, this essay is not in the first person

9 Ticket King jumped out to a 12-4 lead thanks to several strong hits in the first two innings. However, the softball team from Barr Engineering managed to score 13 runs over the next four innings. This lead to a score of 17-15 as the teams headed into the top of the seventh, the final inning. Ticket King had several errors during those innings, and this allowed the other team back into the game. At the time, Ticket King had never won a game after having given up such a big lead, a stretch that goes back several years. Before they approached the plate to hit, the players on Ticket King had a quick rally to talk about what they needed to do in order to win.

10 Use this essay to convince the audience about something Similar to the expository essay, this essay uses facts The difference is that the facts are used to make an opinion The writer presents an argument with facts, logic, reasoning, and examples All sides of the argument should be present, but the author must make it clear why one opinion is correct

11 Although Ticket King started out the game strong, the middle innings saw them blow a commanding lead. Heading into the top of the seventh inning, they lost their 12-4 lead and now faced a 17-15 deficit. In the previous three seasons of existence, Ticket King had never rebounded from these types of lead losses. Although common sense would tend one to believe that they would not recover yet again, the law of averages would seem to lead one to believe that they were due for a change. The positive morale of the team as they prepared for their final at-bats led credence to this idea as they did not focus on the past, but began to prepare for a new future.

12 All of you have at least two essays started We are going to pick one of them and focus it even more to help with developing it To do this, we are going to use a graphic organizer Mr. Szewczyk will demonstrate how to brainstorm using the graphic organizer for one of your essays (someone volunteer) This organizer will help brainstorm just the beginning of your essays

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