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Travel Incorporated is proud to be your Travel Management Company.

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1 Travel Incorporated is proud to be your Travel Management Company

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3 3 Corporate Travel Portal Travel Inc. provides CRL a Corporate Travel Portal. The portal is a customized gateway to the best online travel resources within your own secure environment. On the next slide we will show you how to create an eProfile so you can start booking your travel reservations online.

4 eProfile From the Corporate Travel Portal Click on the link in the message board to create your eProfile 4

5 Click Save My Profile All fields highlighted in red are required including date of birth and gender. Your name must match your government issued ID per TSA regulations. You can add all your airline, car and hotel membership numbers. You must use an email address ending in Everyone must use a unique email address. Dont forget to click Save My Profile! 5

6 From: Sent: 31-May-2011 10:12 To: Smith, Jane Subject: Adams (511111) Please activate your eProfile by clicking the following link: UZi1fZcmhRe42P You will receive an email with an activation link. You must click on the link within the email to activate your eProfile. 1- Link must be activated within 30 days 2- Be sure this email does not go into your junk or spam folder. 3- If you do not receive it within 30 minutes after hitting the submit key, check your junk folder or your quarantine list. 6

7 Once you have activated your profile, you will receive another email welcoming you to Travel Inc that includes your login information. Your company name is Charles River Your User Name is Doe John Your password is the one you chose when you created your eProfile Within the email is the link to access your Personal Travel Portal. 7 Sign in to your personal travel portal to start booking travel reservations online

8 Every one that creates a profile has a Personal Travel Portal. Its where you can update your eProfile, view unused tickets and access your current, past and future eItineraries. You can also print or email all your transactions that have been booked with Travel Incorporated. Its where you can access Concur Travel to start booking online. 8

9 My Transactions Use My Transactions to view any trips made with Travel Incorporated. They are housed here for 3 years. If you need an invoice for expenses, click on the ticket number for the transaction to print or email an IRS compliant invoice. 9

10 eItineraries This tab houses trips that are 90 days old and any upcoming trips that were booked with Travel Incorporated. Click on a record locator to print, view or email the original eItinerary 10

11 Unused Tickets Access your Unused Tickets that were issued by Travel Inc by clicking on the ticket number for the corresponding transaction. Apply any remaining value towards the purchase of a future ticket. 11

12 Start booking online here! 12

13 Concur Travel Online Booking Tool Travel Center Page ~ First time user ~ Click on Profile Review preferences and click SAVE 13

14 Just to recap…..

15 15 From the CRL iconnect Corporate Travel Page click on the link to go to the CRL Corporate Travel Portal

16 16 From the Corporate Travel Portal you can create your eProfile by clicking on the link. Once you have created your eProfile, you can log into your Personal Travel Portal to book online

17 You can now create your profile. Thank you for your time. We look forward to working with you!

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