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Workflows in Archie IMS Support Person: Sonja Henderson

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1 Workflows in Archie IMS Support Person: Sonja Henderson
Place: Cardiff, UK Date: Tuesday, 2 March 2010

2 Workshop outline Advanced workflow features: ticketing system; Workflow Status Report; accessing tasks through Archie; accessing existing workflows Hands-on exercises Moving to Stage 3: tips from Stage 2 Pilot MEs

3 TICKETING SYSTEM Special messaging system within the workflow system ....

4 Ticketing system Used to inform people outside the editorial base when it is time for them to perform a task (regular Archie users use Organizer) generated by the system is sent to the person assigned to the task; all documents needed to complete the task can be attached to the Recipient accesses a web link to let the Workflow Manager know (via Archie) when the task has been completed and to submit relevant documents (e.g., completed refereeing forms)

5 Advantages of the ticketing system
Easy communication between editorial base and other people assigned tasks Provides task assignees with everything they need to mark their task as completed and report back to the editorial base without logging into Archie Integrated into the workflow system – allows tracking of communication and automatic updating of information about tasks

6 Accessing tasks You can access tasks on the Tasks tab of the workflow Properties To open a task’s Properties, double-click the name of the task or click the name of the task and click

7 Task Properties On the Advanced tab you can create an Ticket to allow the task assignee to complete the task without logging into Archie or sending an outside of the system You can also modify the Notifications related to this task, e.g., you can arrange to be notified when the task is completed, or for the task assignee to be notified if the task is overdue Will go into detail later re the ticketing system

8 Creating a Ticket To create a Ticket open the task Properties and go to the Advanced tab Click Create Ticket Or in the Tasks tab of the workflow Properties right-click an In Progress task and choosing Send Ticket

9 Creating a Ticket The Message tab provides a preview of the ticketing that will be sent to the task assignee and allows you to edit both the subject line and the text of the Can cc multiple people

10 Creating a Ticket Tick “Attach a review version” to attach a copy of the review in RevMan or PDF (or both) formats On the Attachments tab you can select documents to attach to the ticketing These may include a version of the review (in RevMan and/or PDF formats), documents stored in your CRG’s Files folder in Archie, and/or documents stored on your local computer, e.g., a document comparing two versions of the review Click OK to send the Ticket

11 Receiving a Ticket The assignee will receive an with the subject line and text as previewed and edited by you The includes: a. a link to the actual ‘ticket’ which allows the recipient to notify you (via Archie) when they have completed their task b. a link to a one-page document with a brief explanation of the ticketing system c. any documents you selected for attachment a b Switching now to the perspective of the “task assignee” who is receiving the Ticket… c

12 Receiving a Ticket If the recipient’s comments are brief, they may be typed directly into the ‘Brief notes’ box, which are saved as a ‘Notes made’ Event in the task’s History If the task involves submitting comments or feedback, files containing these can be attached to the ticket for transmission back to you (and saved in the Files tab of the Workflow’s properties) When the ticket recipient clicks Mark Task as Done the task is automatically marked as Completed in the workflow in Archie

13 Workflow Properties Files can be uploaded from, and downloaded to, your computer. As we’ll see, this is also the space where files submitted by people outside the editorial base using the ticketing system are saved. Files tab – This is where files submitted by others using the ticketing system will be saved. You can also upload and store various documents related to the review here.

14 Accessing tasks through Archie
You can see a list of ‘In Progress’ tasks assigned to you in the Organizer tab in Archie To open a task’s Properties, click the name of the task The exclamation mark in front of a task means that the task is overdue Can only upload one file through the task

15 Task Properties General tab displays : the name of the workflow
the Workflow Manager the review title the name of assignee the name of the task and the task’s description status of the task (In progress, Completed, or Skipped) dates started and due

16 Accessing an existing workflow
You can access the workflows relating to the specific review from review’s Properties sheet in the Workflows tab Within this tab you can also upload files related to this review

Workflow templates can be customized to a very limited degree to suit the way your Group works. Cannot delete tasks or change their order, but can (a) indicate that certain tasks should routinely be skipped (i.e., skipped every time you apply the workflow template to a review), and (b) edit the default durations of tasks.

18 Editing a workflow template
You can customize the default workflow templates provided in Archie in various ways to reflect more closely the way your Group works. To edit a template for use in your CRG, go to Tools, then Edit Workflow Templates… 18

19 Editing a workflow template
Select the template you want to edit from the pull-down list On the Tasks tab edit the default task durations as desired, mark any tasks you want to skip on a regular basis by ticking the ‘Skip’ box to the right of the task name Becky added this slide – previous version did not include a slide showing that you have to click Edit to begin process. Note that when skipping a decision task, you must indicate which decision (e.g., ‘Yes’, ‘No’, or ‘Unclear’) should be assumed to have been made. 19

20 Editing a workflow template
To select individuals who should always be the default choice for specific Workflow Roles, go to the People tab and use the Select Person icons to match specific people to specific Roles The people you select will appear as the default selections for the specified Workflow Roles each time the new workflow is run Click OK to finish

21 REPORTS Going to talk about three things:
Reports that system can generate Notification options Search options

22 Workflow Status Report
In Archie you can generate reports that cover all your CRG’s workflows or reports about individual workflows For information on the status of all workflows, right-click your CRG’s name under Resources and choose Reports, then Workflow Status

23 Report: draft Reviews in editorial process

24 Reminder: workflow types
Title Registration Protocol Development Protocol Amendment Review Development Review Amendment Review Update Feedback workflow to follow

25 Default workflow permissions during pilot
All permissions set to Low, ie no permission IMS Support will give ME Maximum permissions ME to edit permissions for others as appropriate: CRG Properties > Roles tab

26 Exercises Customising workflow templates
Creating and starting a workflow Working with tasks Using the ticketing system Workflow reports Viewing and accessing workflow

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