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Giving You The Power To Accelerate Your Ticketing Services And Maximize Your Marketing Potential.

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1 Giving You The Power To Accelerate Your Ticketing Services And Maximize Your Marketing Potential

2 Background of Enta Enta USA, LLC is owned by The Seatem Group. In 2008, the Seatem Group through its Ticketing Companies around the world, sold over 50 million tickets. Enta today is operated by over 200 venues in 24 countries. Enta is a Microsoft-based ticketing, marketing and membership administration system continually developed, supported and marketed by Enta USA, LLC for the North America Market. Seatem Group Companies Include: ENTA is the total solution for your ticketing, season ticket, subscriptions, membership and marketing needs. Ticket Switch is a technology development company created in 2004, which operates a hosted "Middleware" service, connecting ticket supply to ticket distribution. Keith Prowse specializes in selling tickets and ticket- inclusive packages to theater, sports, concerts, theme parks, attractions and sightseeing. Almost 50 years later IfB has become the world's leading Company in the sale of opera, festivals, music, art and culture tickets & travel. Seatem Ticketing Services provides outsourced ticketing services to performing arts, art gallery, sports, special event and visitor attraction clients in Europe & Asia. Applause is the acknowledged industry leader in the marketing and distribution of UK entertainment tickets to the travel industry & groups markets, both domestically and internationally. The international choir festivals of Verona, Prague, Vienna, Jersey and Tuscany are but a few of the choir festivals under the ownership and direction of CCI. Seatem Web Services in addition to managing the Seatem Group branded websites, we host, design, develop and support multiple Enta client ticketing websites.

3 The Enta Ticketing System Is Used by over 200 Venues Manages any venue configuration Theaters Universities Museums Sports Venues Festivals Shows/Exhibitions Single venue installation or shared installation for a group of venues Manages any ticket type Timed Entry General admission Reserved seating Simple or complex ticket pricing

4 Users of Enta in the USA

5 Users of Enta Around the World

6 The Enta Ticketing System Modules Make A Booking – Selling Reserved/GA Tickets, Timed Admission Tickets, Subscriptions & Memberships System Maintenance – Setting up your system the way you want it! Ticketing Maintenance – Creating your Venue(s), Event(s), Prices & Tickets Enta Marketing – Building Your Audience Enta Reports – Online Reporting & Reports Scheduler Enta Connect – Custom Designed Ticket Selling Website(s). Documentation Manager – Manage Your Invoices, Customized Letters & Confirmation Emails.

7 Create Your List of Customers Use Enta Marketing to create Customers Lists

8 Enta Marketing Samples General Email to all customersMembership Renewals EmailGroup Buyers Email

9 Selling Reserved Seating Theater Layout Example Choose Your Section on the Layout Theater Seating Map Example Choose Your Seats on the Seating Map

10 Selling Reserved Seating Attach The CustomerAnd Make the Payment

11 Gift Certificates Gift Certificates Sold and Redeemed Online with Enta Connect Select Your Seats & Log InChoose Gift Voucher for Payment Enter Your GC Number to Access Your GC Confirmation Screen confirms the booking and assigns your remaining money to a new GC Number.

12 Merchandise, Hotel Rooms, Dinner Reservations Merchandise, Hotel Rooms & Dinner Reservations can be sold through Enta and Enta Connect Restaurant Reservations & Merchandise SampleSpecial Offer with Tickets Sample

13 Enta Customer Relationship Management Customer Contact DetailsData Protection for Marketing Additional DetailsComplete Sales History

14 Enta Reporting Report ParametersReport Output Export Reports to Excel, Word or PDFSchedule Reports to Run Automatically

15 Enta Documentation Manager Manage & Print Your Invoices, Letters and Email Templates in Enta Documentation ModuleCustom Invoice

16 Access Control Integrated with access control systems Bar-coded tickets Bar-coded print at home vouchers, enabling international distribution Smartcards Paperless Tickets - RFID Visitor statistics Sample Print-at-Home Tickets

17 Entas Customized Online Ticketing Selling Websites

18 Deep link Your Website to Your Enta Connect! Enta Gateway Link Generator Your Existing Website Sample Enta Connect Site Create the Links Place the links on your Website Enabling your Customers to buy tickets quickly * Please Note: We customize your Enta Connect Pages the way you want it.

19 Services offered by Enta USA Full support from Baton Rouge, LA Onsite training Report writing Project management / implementation Quarterly software releases Upgrade / change management Reassurance through business consultancy While directing all funds into YOUR Bank Account

20 Keeping Your Customers Coming Back For More!

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