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Ticket to Work Program. Objectives Historical Overview of the Program Current Status of the Program The Future of the Program.

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1 Ticket to Work Program

2 Objectives Historical Overview of the Program Current Status of the Program The Future of the Program

3 Purpose of Ticket to Work Program To expand the employment opportunities for most individuals receiving SSDI and/or SSI benefits. Reduce their dependency on SSA

4 The Need for Ticket to Work Less than 1% of SSDI and SSI beneficiaries attain paid employment enabling them to be self-sufficient One-third of the people who leave the rolls return in 3 years If one half of one percent of those individuals were to attain self-supporting employment, savings would total $3.5 billion

5 Mission and Objectives Address barriers that beneficiaries encounter when returning to work Expand availability of health care services and medical coverage Eliminate work disincentives Provide enhanced benefits planning and assistance from service providers

6 Goals of Ticket to Work To expand the number of service providers who are available to serve beneficiaries. Increase the number of beneficiaries entering the work force. Reduce dependency on cash benefits.

7 Social Security Administration (SSA) Designated by Congress to oversee the implementation of the Ticket to Work Program Responsible for writing the Regulations for the TTWP Monitoring the success/short-comings of the TTWP Determining which beneficiaries will receive tickets Has final say on all decisions

8 MAXIMUS Responsible for overseeing the administration/day-to- day functions of the TTWP Maintain list of available ENs Ensure all information is in accessible format to beneficiaries Resolve payment issues Monitor ENs to ensure adequate choices are available to beneficiaries Ensure EN services are available to beneficiaries in all geographical areas

9 Employment Networks (EN) Organizations or groups of organizations that have come together to provide necessary services to a beneficiary in support of an employment goal Recruited by Maximus; Approved by SSA Two payment options available

10 Disability Rights of Florida SSA funds Disability Rights of Florida as an advocacy and protection program dedicated to beneficiaries of Social Security. Ticket beneficiaries must contact this program for rights and remedies under the Ticket Program.

11 Florida Ticket to Work (TTW) Vision To become an innovative leader in the successful administration of the Ticket to Work Program Mission To administer the SSA Reimbursement and Ticket to Work Program in support of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation's Mission and to achieve optimum program performance while maximizing the collection of program income through the accurate, complete and timely filing of SSA Claims for reimbursement and request for EN Payments under the TTW Program.

12 Functions of the TTW Unit Oversee the administration of the TTW program Ensure the application of Chapter 16 Counselor Policy Manual Develop and recommend policies and procedures to be used in the administration of the TTW program Provide technical assistance to VR staff Maintain records and information regarding the assignments of tickets to the DVR Agency and records pertaining to requests for reimbursements and EN payments. Develop and maintain effective systems to be used in the administration of the TTW program Serve as a liaison between VR and other partners and organizations involved in the TTW program Coordinate and manage the claims reimbursement and EN payment systems for DVR Represent DVR at conferences, forums and other meeting with respect to the TTW program

13 Objectives of Florida TTW Alleviate the administrative workload of counselors regarding the TTW program Coordinate the design, implementation and maintenance of an automated system for tracking customers who are SSA Beneficiaries and for the identification, preparation and submission of SSA Claims for reimbursement Maximize program income from SSA claim reimbursements and EN payments while stabilizing and containing operating cost

14 Objectives of Florida TTW Provide training and technical assistance that addressed the current and projected needs of DVR staff To be a reliable source of information and assistance for beneficiaries seeking information concerning the Ticket to Work Program and other services provided by the DVR as an Employment Network Establish and maintain collaborative relationships with partners of the Ticket to Work Program

15 Whos Is Eligible to Participate in the TTW Program? Individuals between the ages of 18 - 64 Receiving cash benefits under the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Disability Programs Have underwent a SSA Medical Review

16 Are Ticket-holders Different From Other VR Consumers? Somewhat We Have to Identify Them at Beginning of Process We Have to Register Them with SSA (MAXIMUS, TTW Program Manager) We Have to Track Them Thru The VR Process and Beyond They Are Eligible for Regular VR Services

17 Special Service For Ticket- holders Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Services Informs Ticket-holders About the Impact of Working on Their SSA Benefits Educates Ticket-holders Regarding SSA Work Incentives Helps Ticket-holders resolve SSA Benefit Issues

18 Ticket-holders In DVR Program Approximately 17,000 Ticket-holders between Plan Development and Employment 1,500 – Plan Development 12, 000 – In Service 2,200 – Ready For Employment 1,300 – In Employment

19 Timely Progress – Prior – Timely Progress Standards were One Size Fits All – Current – Timely Progress Standards address multiple factors including educational plans. SSA will measure.

20 26 Closures

21 80 Series Closures

22 Payment Methodologies EN Payment System Outcome Payment Method Outcome/Milestone Payment Method Traditional Cost Reimbursement (For State VR Agencies Only)

23 SSA Claims Filed

24 SSA Income FY 2009 – 2010: $2,964,720.74 FY 2010 – 2011: $3,575,747.70 FY 2011 – 2012: $3,192,081.77

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