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St. Michaels RC School Lake District National Park.

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1 St. Michaels RC School Lake District National Park

2 St. Michaels RC School Why do people visit the Lake District?

3 St. Michaels RC School Why do people visit the Lake District? The Lake District has 101 Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

4 St. Michaels RC School Why do people visit the Lake District?

5 St. Michaels RC School Where do people visit within the Lake District?

6 St. Michaels RC School Twelve million people visit the Lake District each year. Most tourists concentrate in several honeypots in the Lake District, such as Ambleside. A honeypot is an area which attracts many tourists. It normally contains tourist facilities such as cafes, shops and toilets. Where do people visit within the Lake District?

7 St. Michaels RC School Grasmere – another Lake District honeypot Grasmeres population can swell from 800 people to 10,000 on a sunny, summers day! Former home of William Wordsworth

8 St. Michaels RC School Why do tourists visit Bowness-on-Windermere?

9 St. Michaels RC School What facilities have been provided for tourists? Lake Windermere Bowness What impact do they have upon the landscape?

10 St. Michaels RC School Land ownership in the Lake District

11 St. Michaels RC School Who uses the National Parks? Use the pictures to help you name the different groups. Tourists Farmers Local Residents Ministry of Defence Industry Water Companies

12 St. Michaels RC School Mining, quarrying and other industrial activities create jobs but tend to ruin the environment. The Ministry of Defence needs remote land for manoeuvres; Water Authorities need uplands for reservoirs. Industry/Ministry of Defence/Water Authorities

13 St. Michaels RC School Farmers want to protect their land and livestock and increase their revenue. Tourists may leave gates open; they may stray off the footpaths and damage crops; they may stray off paths and cause soil erosion. Farmers

14 St. Michaels RC School Ambleside Local residents want to preserve their community services and they need access to jobs. Impact of second homes? Tourists can be noisy, drop litter and cause congestion. Local residents

15 St. Michaels RC School I have a Summer job at Hilltop (Beatrix Potters house) at Sawrey in the Summer in the National Trust shop. I run a Bed and Breakfast in Ambleside and I am always full in the summer. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living in a National Park? My son has had to move to Kendal, outside the National Park, because the housing is too expensive here. I love having the Lakes on my doorstep. We often go for walks on a Sunday. We would like to change the expensive sash windows in our Grasmere home to cheaper and more efficient PVC windows. But we have been told by the council that we live in a Conservation Area and we must preserve the outside appearance of our house. I live in Grasmere. I find that some tourists can be inconsiderate to the local population. They drop litter and park on grass verges outside my house. I have to travel to Windermere, 17kms away, to do my shopping. In Grasmere, there is only one shop selling basic goods compared to 24 tourist shops. In Windermere over 15% of houses are second homes or holiday homes not in permanent occupation. This means that in the Winter some of our services close down due to a lack of customers.

16 St. Michaels RC School Tourists are a diverse group (ramblers; nature lovers; mountain bikers; climbers; bird watchers). They want access to the countryside and facilities for their own activities. Tourists

17 St. Michaels RC School Tourist pressure in the Lake District What problems do tourists cause? Parking in Bowness-on-Windermere

18 St. Michaels RC School What are the solutions to tourist pressure in the Lake District? Speed restrictions on the lakes e.g. 10mph on Lake Windermere Traffic restrictions Repair stone walls and eroded footpaths e.g. footpath repair at Dollywagon Pike Plant trees to screen car parks and industry Park and ride schemes Limit car parking Ban vehicle access Ban powerboats on the lakes Improve public transport Ban second homes Encourage time share holiday homes e.g. Great Langdale holiday homes

19 St. Michaels RC School Speeding on the lakes

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