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Français I Vocabulaire 3.3. Pardon. Pardon me. Excusez-moi. Excuse me.

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1 Français I Vocabulaire 3.3

2 Pardon. Pardon me.

3 Excusez-moi. Excuse me.

4 Cest combien ? How much is it?

5 Merci. Thank you. Make sure you show off your manners in French: include Monsieur, Madame, Mademoiselle as appropriate.

6 À votre service. At your service. Youre welcome. This expression is used only in certain situations (e.g., by people who work in service-oriented businesses, such as restaurants and shops), but not in casual conversation.

7 sil vous plaît sil te plaît please (formal / plural) please (familiar) Literally: if it you pleases (if it pleases you)

8 un euro the European monetary unit

9 soixante 60

10 soixante et un 61

11 soixante-deux 62

12 soixante-dix 70 Francophone Swiss and Belgians say septante for 70.

13 soixante et onze 71 (Think 60 and 11.)

14 soixante-douze 72 (Think 60-12.)

15 soixante-dix-huit 78 (Think 60-10-8.)

16 quatre-vingts 80 (Think 4-20s or 4 x 20 = 80.) Some Swiss people say octante for 80.

17 quatre-vingt-un 81 Notice that the -s went away. There is no –s from 81 – 99.

18 quatre-vingt-deux 82

19 quatre-vingt-dix 90 Francophone Swiss and Belgians say nonante for 90.

20 quatre-vingt-onze 91

21 quatre-vingt-dix-neuf 99

22 cent 100

23 cent un 101 Notice: No et!!!

24 cent deux 102 Notice: No et!!!

25 deux cents 200 Notice the –s.

26 deux cent un 201 Notice that the –s went away. There is no –s from 201 - 299. If you follow this pattern, you can now count from 0 – 999! YOUPI !

27 Bien sûr. Of course.

28 le fric slang term for money

29 couper les cheveux en quatre to split hairs

30 voir trente-six chandelles to see stars

31 faire les cent pas to pace up and down

32 Note culturelle (p. 88) After a transition of three years, France changed its currency in 2002. It phased out its own French franc to replace it with the currency shared by most of the countries of Western Europe, the euro. That means that if you are traveling in Europe, you could use the same money in Spain, France, and Germany without having to convert to local currencies.

33 Note culturelle (p. 88) Euro bills come in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, and 500 euros.bills Euro coins, called cents, come in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, and 50.coins There are one hundred cents in each euro. Belgium and Luxembourg are among two of the other European countries that have adopted the euro.

34 Note culturelle (p. 90) Prices expressed in euros can be said in two ways in French: either quarante-cinq euros cinquante OR quarante-cinq cinquante (45,50 ) Notice that prices are written in French with a comma where a decimal point would be used in American prices.

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