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1 Prepared by THE MARKETING SOURCE, INC. A service of Hampton Roads Transit Hampton Area Transportation Needs Assessment Study October 2001.

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1 1 Prepared by THE MARKETING SOURCE, INC. A service of Hampton Roads Transit Hampton Area Transportation Needs Assessment Study October 2001

2 2 Overall Study Objective To help reduce traffic congestion to and from the study area.

3 3 Specific Objectives Determine the perceived impact of area traffic on congestion. Identify current transportation modes used. Determine parking concerns. Measure how willing employers and employees are to adopt and implement alternate transportation programs.

4 4 Hampton Study Area

5 5 3 Distinct Zones Coliseum Central Area Retail/hotel/restaurant Hampton Roads Center Small, medium and large-sized manufacturing, customer service, consulting businesses Langley Research and Development Park Small and medium-sized government support and manufacturing businesses

6 6 Employers Interviewed <50 employees Raytheon Old Point National Bank Hampton Coliseum Sverdrup 50-99 employees Chilis Hampton Coliseum Mall Federal Express ViGyan Darryls New Horizons 100-249 employees Advex Coliseum Park Nursing Farm Fresh Holiday Inn J C Penney Langley Federal Credit Measurement Specialties Quality Inn Wyle Laboratories Sentara Careplex 250-499 employees Headway Staffing Thomas Nelson CC Wal-Mart Humana Peninsula Behavioral Center 500+ employees Nextel Gateway

7 7 VDOT Construction Area Build, rebuild, or widen 7 bridges (including 2 flyovers). Add HOV lane in each direction on I-64. VDOT Construction in Area

8 8 Objectives related to Construction Identify awareness among area employers and commuters. Measure perceived impact of the construction. Determine the best way that TRAFFIX and VDOT can communicate updates and alternate commute programs.

9 9 27 Employer Interviews 603 Commuter Surveys Coliseum Central - 197 Hampton Roads Center - 331 Langley Research Park - 75 Conducted April - August Methodology

10 10 Key Findings

11 11 Key Finding #1 Currently, single-occupant vehicle (SOV) usage and willingness to occasionally use alternate modes is average.

12 12 Drive alone 87% Carpool 7 Bus 1 Combination 5 Area SOV % Oceanfront area66% Naval Station Norfolk 81% Oakland Industrial Park85% Norfolk Commerce Park 86% Hampton Area87% Oyster Point area88% Lynnhaven Mall area91% Current Commute Mode

13 13 Willingness to occasionally rideshare % Willing Area to Rideshare Naval Station Norfolk 42% Oakland Industrial Park39% Norfolk Commerce Park 33% Hampton Area30% Oyster Point 26% Oceanfront area26% Lynnhaven Mall area24%

14 14 Key Finding #2 Hampton Roads Center is a good audience for TRAFFIX.

15 15 Zone Differences Attributes Coliseum Central Hampton Roads Center Langley R&D Park Work HoursVariesNormal peakEarly Days WorkedAllWeekdays Routes Used I-64 Mercury Blvd. I-64 Magruder Blvd. I-64 Interest in Ridesharing AverageHighLow

16 16 Key Finding #3 Awareness of the upcoming construction is varied among commuters and employers.

17 17 Among employers… About half were aware of the construction project, but lack details. Large employers most concerned. Retail/Hotel/Restaurant employers more concerned about customer access. Many think it will affect their business, but none plan to change the way that they do business.

18 18 Among commuters… Commuters% Aware Coliseum Central53 Hampton Roads Center41 Langley R&D Park35

19 19 Key Finding #4 The construction will likely impact at least half of the area commuters.

20 20 Roads used for Commute Major Routes Used I-6456% Magruder Blvd.36 Mercury Blvd.25 Hampton Roads 21 Ctr. Pkwy. Big Bethel Rd.18

21 21 A quarter believe it will lead to significant delays. Significant Delays 24% Unsure 19% Minor Delays 29% No Effect 28% PRIMARY REACTION Leave Leave No ??? home home change earlier

22 22 Are commuters interested in alternate modes?

23 23 Using the HOV Lanes when completed. 34% 16%

24 24 Recommendations: Hampton

25 25 Continue to contact Area Employers. Target businesses in the Hampton Roads Center. Become part of the new hire information package for large employers like Nextel. Assist Hampton Roads Center in developing a Business Association. Present TRAFFIX programs to Coliseum Central Business Association and Langley Research Park Association. Use Advexs positive experience of leasing a van from TRAFFIX to promote to others.

26 26

27 27 Partner with VDOT. Work with VDOT to identify alternate routes during construction. Promote use of alternate modes (particularly ridematching for carpools). Distribute information to area employers. Investigate placement of TRAFFIX name tag on VDOT communications. Link TRAFFIX website to VDOT Live Cameras. Encourage VDOT to post cameras at major construction sites in the area.

28 28 Increase Awareness of Construction. Provide updates every two weeks for businesses to post on Intranet or via e-mail. Sponsor drive-time traffic reports and/or construction updates using a consistent tag line for TRAFFIX. Display alternate routes on electronic message boards. Present updates at major employer sites and Chamber/Association meetings. Provide a phone number for construction updates.

29 29 Keep the TRAFFIX name out there. Distribute TRAFFIX information through on-sites and the information desk at Coliseum Mall. Encourage businesses to provide a link for TRAFFIX website. Provide TRAFFIX information and the employee survey on business intranet sites when possible.

30 30 Moving forward. Share the research findings: VDOT Coliseum Central City of Hampton Langley Research Park Association Consider future research with commuters who agreed to give further input.

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