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Unit Two Review Hoy es el nueve de enero..

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1 Unit Two Review Hoy es el nueve de enero.

2 Vocabularia de Casa In your notebook:
Label each room in the house, in Spanish Label three items in each room in Spanish. I will be checking your work for 10 points.

3 Agenda Do Now Big Goal/Calendario Review Unit Two
Time Daily Routine House Vocabulary Class Schedule Classroom Objects Likes/Dislikes Study Guides/Blitz Review Sessions Exit Ticket

4 Tiempo Remember four easy steps: Is it after one o’clock? (son/es)
Is it before or after 30 minutes? (menos/y) For menos: round up an hour and subtract the minutes from 60. For y: tell the minutes as they are on the clock. Menos Y media

5 La Rutina Diaria Let’s work through Juan’s routine together.
Take out your worksheets from Friday and let’s begin with number one. This vocabulary begins on page

6 Clases Write 1-20 on your paper.
Label each object in Spanish on the screen. Once you are finished labeling, in spanish, write what is in your classroom. Use complete sentences

7 El Horario

8 Horario de Raul

9 Horario Imagine that you are telling your friend in Puerto Rico about your new schedule for second semester. Answer the following questions in Spanish. Use Rual’s as an example. ¿Qué es tu rutina diaria? ¿Cómo es tu rutina escolar? ¿Qué tipos de clases tiene? ¿Cúantos clases tiene? ¿Cuando son tus clases?

10 Me Gusta/No Me gusta Add on to your letter to your friend.
Tell them what you like or do not like about school. For example: No me gusta mi clase de matematicas porque es aburido. Me gusta mi maestro de ciencias porque el es inteligente. Include in your letter what you do after school. Me gusta tocar la guitarra. ( I like to play the guitar) No me gusta hacer mi tarea. (I do not like to do my homework)

11 Study Bliztes After School on : Thursday (1:00-2:00)
Friday (1:00-2:00) Tuesday (1:00-2:00)

12 What is one thing you still have questions about in Unit Two?
Exit Ticket: What is one thing you still have questions about in Unit Two? I will give you a question about time in Spanish as you leave that you need to answer.

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